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yi gi oh

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Deck II Preview

Three of the most iconic decks from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster Era are back and ready to clash once again to decide who is the King of Games!

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Yu Gi Oh! TCG: Battles of Legend: Chapter 1

Another battle, Another Legend is waiting to be unfold in the first compilation set showcasing some of the best cards from the Battles of Legend Series. Don't miss the chance, join this Epic battle!

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Dueling Heroes

Dueling Heroes 25th Anniversary Tin Review

Arnaldo Amaral 02/11/2023

The 25th Anniversary Tin of Dueling Heroes has something for everyone with a lot of different interesting reprints

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Crimson King

Crimson King Structure Deck YuGiOh Review

Who's the Master of Faster? Who rules the Duel? That's right, it's you with the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Crimson King structure Deck.

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pull of the month - elsa

Trading Card Pull Of The Month August 2023

Lexi 12/09/2023

Hello everyone! Here is a new segment on the Zatu blog - trading card pull of the month where we find our best pulls...

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NEWS: New 2-Player Yu-Gi-Oh Set

25 years of Yu-Gi-Oh and we're finally seeing a 2-player set! It's come at the perfect time as well, I mean... it's always growing!

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photon hypernova yugioh

Photon Hypernova Yu-Gi-Oh Review

Imogen Rogers 11/05/2023

Any Yu-Gi-Oh pack is a good Yu-Gi-Oh pack. The Photon Hypernova is a chaos filled pack that came along with 2023!

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YuGiOh Synchro Storm Review

Synchro Storm is here to bring out the fast and powerful strategies of the Turbo Duelist in you! Let's check it out together!

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dark world yugioh structure deck

YuGiOh Dark World Structure Deck Review

Missed the OG Yu-Gi-Oh themes? Dark World is bringing the return of Gates of the Underworld back straight to your home!

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dimension force yugioh

YuGiOh Dimension Force Review

The reality will be changed forever by the powerful force awakened in Dimension Force: the very first Pendulum Ritual Monster.

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