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I've been working at Zatu for over a year now and it is safe to say our team of bloggers are my besties... Along with my mum and my dog. Believe it or not, Monopoly was the only game I had played more than twice before joining Zatu as a Digital Marketer.... Now I LOVE Carcassonne and a good ol' game of Mantis.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Trading Card

Trading Card Pull Of The Month November 2023

Lexi 08/12/2023

Have you got any Christmas pulls you're hoping to get when you unbox those new trading card packs on Xmas Day?

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LEGO Fortnite

LEGO x Fortnite Review

Lexi 08/12/2023

A survival game tucked inside Fortnite, complete with free servers where you & your buddies can conquer challenges together - LEGO Fortnite

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Game of the Month - Warp's Edge

Game Of The Month November 2023

Lexi 06/12/2023

Merry almost Christmas fellow blog readers! Here's our bloggers game of the month pieces (AKA, pre-Christmas warm up!).

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General Orders

What’s On Our Wishlist November 2023

Lexi 07/11/2023

With Christmas right around the corner, it's important we get our board game Wishlist all set up so we get what we want under the tree!

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What We've Been Playing

What We’ve Been Playing October 2023

Lexi 06/11/2023

Well, well, well. What We've Been Playing is back again. There is a record number of games spoke about in this one though, surely?

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Pull of the Month - Lorcana

Trading Card Pull Of The Month October 2023

Lexi 06/11/2023

Thankfully, our TCG area is spreading high and low for the Zatu website, so our Pull of the Month blogs are always amazing!

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Game of the Month - Imperium Legends

Game Of The Month October 2023

Lexi 06/11/2023

Can you believe we're almost heading into the Christmas Game of the Month features? Me personally, I cannot wait!

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Bridge of Spies

Kickstarter Of The Week – Bridge Of Spies

Lexi 24/10/2023

It's time to make history with 'Bridge of Spies.' Based off of the 1960s movies, this Kickstarter is going to be one to back.

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What's On Our Wishlist - Ex Libris

What’s On Our Wishlist October 2023

Lexi 18/10/2023

Our wishlists seem to just keeping building up and up. Can you blame us? Here's what's o our wishlist for October!

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Trading Card of the Month - belle

Trading Card Of The Month September 2023

Lexi 09/10/2023

This month we have a lot of Disney Lorcana in the line-up for Trading Card Pulls of the Month. Spoiler... oops.

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