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Top 5 Christmas Games for Non-Gamers

Top 5 Christmas Games for Non-Gamers

William Moffat 02/11/2023

A Classic Christmas in a typical British household often includes a tree, presents, turkey, the Queen’s Speech, Strictly Christmas Special and BOARD GAMES!

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cities of splendor

Which Cities Of Splendor Expansion Is For You?

Steven Gibney 15/08/2023

Cities of Splendor came out and nobody knew which expansion to start off with! That's why we have got your back with this blog...

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splendor duel (1)

How To Play Splendor Duel

favouritefoe 18/01/2023

I get it. You know how to play Splendor, so you know how to play Splendor Duel. No, that is not right. Let's learn together.

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splendor duel

Splendor Duel Review

Lauren Blayney 16/11/2022

It's a race for victory in Splendor Duel! Confront your rival guild and do what you must in order to win...

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splendor marvel feature

Splendor: Marvel Review

Jim Cohen 17/02/2021

Whenever someone who hasn’t played much before wants to try a game, if they are a Marvel fan, Splendor: Marvel will be my go-to choice.

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Board Game Collection - Games That Will Never Leave

10 titles that will never leave my board game collection

William Moffat 31/12/2018

My board game collection is bulging thanks to some Christmas additions but there are 10 games in my collection that have a permanent place.

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Cities of Splendor Review

Cities of Splendor Review

2017 Expansion to the successful Splendor. Cities of Splendor offers you four expansions in one box. Read Mark Capell-Helm's thoughts here.

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Splendor Review

Martyn Poole 27/02/2017

In his latest guest blog entry, Martyn gives his views and opinions on Splendor - the chip-collection and card development game buy the guys over at Space Cowboys.

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Splendor: What Gamers are Saying

Andreas 17/11/2016

We here at Zatu Games oppose the very idea of the balance fallacy to its rational core, because life is balance, man. To exercise that opposition, we asked gamers on the internet what they think of Splendor, the 2014 release from Space Cowboy.

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Board Game Spotlight: Splendor

Andreas 10/10/2016

In another of our regular board game spotlights, Zatu Games snaps open its baby blues and takes a juicy gander at Splendor, the 2014 release from designer Marc André and publisher Space Cowboys.

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