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Top Five Space Themed Board Games

Nathan Coombs 03/10/2022

Here are just five space games that celebrate mankind’s fascination with the realms outside of our planet. Find out what made our list...

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Star Realms Cards

Top 5 Best Space Board Games

Carl Yaxley 23/03/2021

Carl has gotten some of the team together to discuss their favourite space board games. This article is truly out of this world!

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Terraforming Mars

Top 4 Games To Play On Mars

Carl Yaxley 12/03/2021

Mars has inspired some fantastic fiction, both in literature and on-screen over the years. More recently, it's inspired some great board games.

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Lift Off Review

Lift Off Review

Munich Meeples 27/01/2021

Lift Off! A wonderfully retro, space mission themed game. You take on the role of sending up as many missions into space as possible.

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Warps Edge Review

Warp’s Edge Review

Flying through space, alone, in your trusty ship. Seems fitting for a solo game right? Well, read on to find out more. Here are our thoughts!

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On Mars Review

Northern Dice 27/03/2020

On Mars is a goliath of a game, however it isn't one that isn't tameable. In fact, we'd argue it's quite accessible despite its complexity!

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Star Wars Outer Rim Unboxing

Video – Star Wars: Outer Rim Unboxing

Josh 29/08/2019

Outer Rim is a 2019 Star Wars title from Fantasy Flight Games. It's a game for 1-4 players, with an average game taking between 120-180 minutes.

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Space Base Board Game Review

Space Base Review

Bryan 08/10/2018

Space Base is a delightfully simple game, first person to 40 victory points wins! Learn more about this AEG title by reading our review.

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