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silent storm

Silent Storm EXiT Advent Calendar Review

favouritefoe 30/11/2023

The Silent Storm is both an EXIT game and adventure story: In order to free yourself from this, open a door of the calendar each day.

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epic adventures

Epic Adventures Unlock 7 Review

Clay 20/07/2023

Unlock 7, Epic Adventures brings you three new exciting adventures to embark on! Which will you choose first?

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cluedo junior

Cluedo Junior Review

It's always good to teach them young about escape room games. That's probably why Cluedo Junior was created!

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cluedo classic

Cluedo Classic Review

We've all heard of Cluedo! Solve the mystery of suspense in a fun and intense game of Cluedo Classic... who killed Boddy Black?

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escape room games exit

Which Escape Room Game Is For You?

There is no shortage of Escape Room games around! But which one is going to be suitable for your needs and wants in a fun game?

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murder in the mafia escape room

NEWS: Murder In The Mafia Escape Room

Matthew Morgan 05/04/2023

Got all the clues? Ready to jump in? Budding investigators and escapists alike can get their hands on Murder in the Mafia!

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the haunted roller coaster exit

EXIT The Haunted Roller Coaster Review

Thom Newton 06/02/2023

Have you ever found yourself stuck on a haunted house ride? The Haunted Roller Coaster by EXIT will put you in this very position.

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the secret lab exit

EXiT The Secret Lab Review

Welcome to the Secret Lab. You are armed with nothing but a scribbled on notebook and a very strange disc... Wait. Will you escape?

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the mysterious museum

EXiT The Mysterious Museum Review

What would you do if you get locked inside a museum? The only way to find out is to be brave & solve puzzles of EXIT The Mysterious Museum!

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exit the polar station

EXiT The Polar Station Review

You've got an hour to escape the Polar Station before you freeze to death! Quick, hurry before the time runs out...

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