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Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu Review

Let’s Play: Reign of Cthulu-Pandemic

Mitch 30/12/2016

A dark shadow has been looming over Zatu Games today and the whispering in my head has drawn me to a game, a game known as Reign of Cthulu - Pandemic.

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What the Gamers are Saying: Pandemic Legacy

Josh 05/12/2016

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 has stood proudly at the top of the BoardGameGeek charts since its release many months ago, but what do the people playing it actually think about the hugely popular game.

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Board Game Spotlight: Kemet

Andreas 29/11/2016

In another regular board game spotlight, Zatu looks around the new bedsit. No stuff here yet bar old photos, memories, and Kemet.

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Dixit Unboxing Video

VIDEO – Dixit & Dixit Odyssey Unboxing

Josh 28/11/2016

Welcome to our latest board game unboxing here at Zatu Games! Today we give you double the fun as we take a look inside the boxes of Dixit and Dixit Odyssey.

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Dixit: What the gamers are saying

Josh 21/11/2016

A game's success often depends on the impressions it leaves on the people who play it! If you are going to buy a new game you want to know if it good or not and that's we give the chance to find out what the gamers are saying about board games.

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Dixit Odyssey Spotlight

Board Game Spotlight: Dixit Odyssey

Josh 18/11/2016

Welcome to another entry in our ever-growing board game spotlight. Today we take a look at the mystic and creative world of Dixit Odyssey by Libellud.

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Splendor: What Gamers are Saying

Andreas 17/11/2016

We here at Zatu Games oppose the very idea of the balance fallacy to its rational core, because life is balance, man. To exercise that opposition, we asked gamers on the internet what they think of Splendor, the 2014 release from Space Cowboy.

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Board Game Spotlight: Colt Express

Andreas 04/11/2016

In another of our regular board game spotlights, the day is drawing to a close and there’s no guarantee there will be another, not after what happened. The auburn light falls limply on Colt Express, the 2014 release from publisher Ludonaute.

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Board Game Spotlight: Dixit

Andreas 27/10/2016

In another of our regular board game spotlights, Zatu Games gives it’s looking orbs a sweet polish and rolls them adeptly towards Dixit, the 2008 game from designer Jean-Louis Roubira, artist Marie Cardouat and publisher Libellud.

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Board Game Spotlight: Zombicide

Andreas 26/10/2016

In the latest of our board game spotlight series, Zatu Games inserts dual eyelid specula and entrusts its live-in manservant with the pipette as it focuses intently on Zombicide, the 2012 game from publisher Guillotine Games and designers Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien and Nicolas Raoult.

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