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What the Gamers are Saying: Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 has stood proudly at the top of the BoardGameGeek charts since its release all those months ago, but what do the people playing it actually think about the hugely popular game.

We asked our friends over at Reddit to help us out once again by sharing their views on the game. Here's what they had to say:

The Good

The_Great_Boberto said:

"Loved it. Every decision felt really impactful. Especially with all of the upgrades and not knowing what would end up being important in the end - it made for a lot of interesting discussions. That feeling died off slightly at the end, probably because our choices would then only impact one or two games.

"I can't wait to see what they do with season two."

Magicmanfk said:

"My wife and I were Pandemic fans and were super excited for Pandemic Legacy. And we loved it! While playing one round of Pandemic is normally a good amount of contained fun, having a story that progresses as you go makes everything much more exciting. When we finished one round we wanted to play another to see what happens next! We kind of binged it and finished in less than a week."

Pandred said:

"Enjoyed it, Season 2 looks exciting as well. Thought the mechanics were neat, always felt like my choices had consequences, making games more tense."

KardelSharpeyes said:

"We're enjoying it, I think it peaked in April or May for us, were in August now and the entertainment is slowly dying down. Still a good game, but might not be the 9 I thought it was in June once we are done, probably will settle around an 8."

The Bad

Pandred said:

"I only think it's a bummer that, without spoiling too hard, you definitely would not be able to use your endgame board to just play more Pandemic afterwards."

dawiebe disagreed:

"Sure you could. Just remove stickers and don't rip up vital cards."

mdillenbeck wrote: 

"My wife was reluctant to buy a game that could only be played 12-24 times (as intended) and where you damage components. I promised to create bits so it could be "reset" and given away, and we played.

"The game was interesting, but owning Pandemic with all the expansions it offered very little extra to what we already had and without the replay value. We binged in a month, and while I enjoyed months 1-8, I found months 9-12 started to drag on and I was thinking "I can't wait for this to be over so we can go back to Pandemic again."

"Many consider the story/legacy element to be ground breaking, but I found it to be a bit too cliche. The story only offered one real surprise, and that surprise felt like a cheap shot that caused one of our two losses.

"Overall, I don't think Pandemic Legacy - Season 1 deserves to be at the #1 spot on BGG. Its a solid and fun game, but Pandemic with all the expansions just seems to be the better game choice - especially for those looking to maintain a small collection of games that they play over and over.

"Would I tell people to go out of their way to get the game? No. Would I tell people to avoid it? No. I'd merely caution them that this is more of a play-and-be-done game when buying, and make sure they like it."

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