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Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu Review

Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu Review

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu is a re-implementation of Pandemic with many of the same mechanics, and players take on the role of investigators.

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Pandemic Review

Pandemic Review

Martyn Poole 21/03/2017

Have a read of our Pandemic Review. In this game you must work together in order to prevent the outbreak of four deadly diseases.

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Terra Mystica Review

Terra Mystica Review

Rory Somers 15/03/2017

In Terra Mystica you’ll take on one of seven fantasy races and attempt to dominate the landscape with your mighty Stronghold, splendid sanctuary, your temples, trading posts and dwellings, and after six turns, the player with the greatest dominance, or victory points, is the winner.

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Splendor Review

Martyn Poole 27/02/2017

In his latest guest blog entry, Martyn gives his views and opinions on Splendor - the chip-collection and card development game buy the guys over at Space Cowboys.

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What the gamers are saying: Cash and Guns

Josh 24/02/2017

There's nothing better than hearing what you guys, the gamers, actually think about the games that you are playing! That's why we continue to ask our friends over at Reddit for their opinions and this week it's the turn of Cash and Guns - otherwise known as Ca$h 'N' Guns!

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Board Game Spotlight: Pandemic Contagion

Mitch 01/02/2017

Today's board game spotlight sees us taking a look a twist of the Pandemic series as we unveil Pandemic Contagion.

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What the gamers are saying: Colt Express

Josh 25/01/2017

We got the board gamers of Reddit to help us out with another one of our What The Gamers Are Saying blog entry. This week we ask them to share their thoughts and opinions on Colt Express, the popular family game by Ludonaute.

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VIDEO: Cash ‘N’ Guns Unboxing & Gameplay

Josh 12/01/2017

Find out what cash n guns is all about in our latest unboxing video - where you will also see the Zatu team playing the game itself!

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Let’s Play Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach

Josh 06/01/2017

Welcome to part two of our Let's Play Colt Express feature! The first expansion for Colt Express adds, yes you guessed it, horses and a stagecoach to the game.

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Let's Play Cyclades

Board Game Spotlight: Cyclades

Mitch 04/01/2017

Another day, another Spotlight feature! Today, by the grace of Zeus, we turn our eye onto Cyclades, a game of supremacy in mythological Greece.

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