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Sushi Roll Preview

Sushi Roll Preview

Sushi Go! is a very popular card drafting, lightweight, filler game. It is one of the most accessible and well-known card drafting games amongst board game enthusiasts. It is great as a game to be played on a game night between games, or as a lunch time filler. It is easy to pick up and play with a very simple rule set.

Phil Walker-Harding is back with a re-implementation and reversion of this popular game with a dice based version, Sushi Roll.

Sushi Roll - The Game

Sushi Roll, from Gamewright, could also be known as Sushi Go: The Dice Game - offering the same "characters" from Sushi Go. Instead of drafting cards, players are drafting dice. The combinations that were in the original Sushi Go, like Tempura and Sashimi, are present here as well and earn points from these combinations. "Menus" allow you to re-roll dice, with "chopsticks" allowing you to swap a dice with an opponent.

At the end of the game, pudding will serve up extra points to go towards your total. The game is for 2-5 players and an average game is expected to last around 20 minutes. Sushi Roll is expected to be relatively straightforward to learn, and will be yet another fun entry in the Sushi board game series.

Coming Soon

Sushi Roll is set to be released in the second quarter of 2019. So, if you are a fan of the popular Sushi Go! and Sushi Go Party, and fancy mixing it up with some dice rolling fun, then be sure to check out Sushi Roll. Sushi Roll, you couldn't think of a better name for a dice game based on Sushi could you?

Pre-order your copy today and secure your game for release day. In the meantime, you can read our reviews of the other two sushi games: