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Star Wars Armada: Super Star Destroyer Preview

Super Star Destroyer - Star Wars Armada Expansion

After what seems like an absolute age since Fantasy Flight Games announced this latest expansion, Vader’s Super Star Destroyer, The Executor will be released shortly.

“Look at the size of that thing” - Wedge Antilles

Since the initial core release of the tabletop strategic combat game, Star Wars Armada, players have been discussing the possibility of this ship being included to bolster the Imperial fleet. First seen in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, the imminent arrival of the Executor is extremely exciting for players, this being the first example of a class Fantasy Flight Games are calling ”huge ships”.

The fantastic 24-inch, pre-painted ship is huge; so huge in fact that the model comes mounted to two of the previous large ship bases. Star Wars Armada fans the world over will be fighting the urge to hum the Imperial March when this ship comes into battle.

Super Star Destroyer - Expansion Components (Credit: Fantasy Flight Games)

What can players expect from the Super Star Destroyer

So, what does the over-sized Super Star Destroyer bring to the table and how might this impact on gameplay? The ship, besides its unique size, also comes with six firing arcs, including the brand-new left and right-auxiliary positions for the Armada battles.

The ship also adds a new and unique ability to the rule-set by having the option to pass once per round instead of activating the Super Star Destroyer, instructing the opposing Rebel fleet to move one of their ships and forcing their strategic hand. The use of the pass also strengthens the command dials of the ship, signally even more potentially destructive power.

The expansion interestingly also comes complete with an exclusive Emperor Palpatine upgrade card for the Imperial Fleet as an equitable commander. The Emperor affecting the attacking power of the Rebel fleet with his own nefarious perks to swing the tide of battle in the Empire’s favour. Additional commander and upgrade cards and tokens are included with the expansion.

Players have discussed the question of balance, with concern that the inclusion of such an imposing addition to the Imperial Fleet might negatively affect gameplay. Fantasy Flight have been working on this addition for some time now to address negative changes in the meta of the game. Many players commenting that this as an exciting embodiment of the powerful Empire showing its superiority when it comes to ships and fleet, just as it did in the movies.

The fact that Fantasy Flight have very clearly stated that this; “marks the introduction of a new class of ship” implies the opportunity to release further classed ships which really does make it an exciting time for Armada.

The imminent inclusion of the Executor in the Super Star Destroyer is an exciting prospect for Star Wars Armada players. It is sure to be the centrepiece of many Armada tabletops and competitive tournaments this year. In typical Star Wars tradition and before we go, lets spare a thought for all those Rebel players who will be going up against this monster of a ship in 2019; to you I say “May the Force be with you”.