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News – Puerto Rico Deluxe Edition Revealed

Puerto Rico Deluxe Edition Revealed

Rio Grande Games have some exotic news post-Gen Con. It’s time to revisit Puerto Rico!! A Deluxe Edition of the game has been announced. This edition will serve as the first new version of the game since 2011 to be released in English. The edition will include Expansions One & Two, alongside new artwork and double-sided building tiles.

Puerto Rico Game

For those unaware, Andreas Seyfarth’s Puerto Rico holds a prestigious spot in tabletop history. First published in 2002, the game took the tabletop community by storm. Players take on the role of colonial governors on the namesake island. Each player is aiming to plant crops, construct buildings and export their goods to Europe. 

Puerto Rico innovated in various ways, especially with its ‘choose an action, everyone does it but you get a bonus’ mechanic. The game overtook Tigris and Euphrates to become the top-ranked game on BoardGameGeek soon after its launch. Seyfarth would also develop a well-received card-based game, San Juan, in 2014, based on Puerto Rico’s systems.

Despite being overtaken by Agricola in the years afterwards, Puerto Rico holds up today. The game had previously received an Anniversary Edition in 2011, which saw limited printing. Rio Grande’s announcement noted that this edition serves as a basis for the Deluxe Edition’s new artwork. The game also received the Expansion 1 & 2 set earlier this year, adding new buildings and tokens. The expansions were also originally bundles with the Anniversary Edition. 

Deluxe Edition - Coming Soon

Rio Grande have assured confidence by stating that the Deluxe Edition will be printed to demand. The product now appears on the publisher website and is set to release on August 20. Not much has been revealed regarding the game’s new art, but hopefully there’s more to come. Regardless, this is a perfect opportunity to revisit a classic tabletop game from the early 2000’s.

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