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News Round-Up: A Modular Board for Scythe & Cleopatra Returns

Scythe Modular Board News

In this week’s news, Stonemaier Games announce the next addition to the massively popular Scythe, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects gets a new edition, Magic: The Gathering has been branded as the most complicated game ever made, Shards of Infinity goes mobile and The Cold War heads to The Manhattan Project.

Scythe Still Going Strong!

Since being release back in 2016, Scythe has continued to grow in popularity, year on year, receiving various expansions such as The Wind Gambit, Invaders from Afar and The Rise of Fenris. Just this week however, the next expansion has been announced, a modular board!

The aim of this addition is change up the gameplay and add a new level of replay-ability to an already fantastic game! You will receive a double-sided board, much like the standard board, however you will also have four large, double-sided tiles that will change the landscape during each game. It has also been noted that the faction home bases will also change locations, so this will allow for differing tactics and strategies as well.

This interesting addition will be a big change for those regular players of Scythe and will make this game that little bit better! Pre orders of the modular board will open on the May 29, with a release expected for the summer.

A Reprint of a Classic!

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects is a 2006 game created by highly regarded designers Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc. Days of Wonder, the publisher, has unfortunately not reprinted this game for some time, meaning those eager to get their hands on the game have been unable to. That is all set to change however, with the announcement from Mojito Studios that they will be launching a Kickstarter (KS) for a new edition!

While a standard edition will be available, there will also be a deluxe edition available to back, which will include magnetic pieces, metal components and plastic pyramids to store all the components in. The KS is set to run until the May 27, so be sure to back this if it’s been on your wish list for a while!

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects New Edition (Credit: Mojito Games)

Mind-Boggling Magic!

Researchers have concluded that the ever-popular card game, Magic: The Gathering, is perhaps one of the most complicated games ever created. This comes after researchers from the UK and the US ran various two-player games through a computer system to predict the winner, with the computers unable predict the victor due to the massive number of possible outcomes.

Essentially, they concluded that it is more complicated than that of Chess, which has millions of outcomes itself! The research involved 60-card Magic Legacy format decks, meaning any card from any era of the game could be used to build a deck. The true extent of how complicated Magic is, is still unknown but it is clear that the possibilities are endless, much like the outcome of matches. The fact that the results were non-computable, shows Magic as the ultimate example of a highly complex game!

Shards of Infinity heads to PC and Mobile

The sci-fi deck-builder, Shards of Infinity, is the next game to make its way into the digital format. Shards of Infinity was created by the team behind Ascension and made a real impression on the gaming community upon its release last year. The game sees players building their decks by purchasing new cards from a central marketplace however players are faced with the choice of either placing it in the discard pile and shuffling the card into their deck or using the card instantly and losing the card back into the middle.

The digital version of the game will have 128 cards for players to use and has local and online multiplayer game modes. The game is available to buy and download now on the iOS and Google play stores, and also on PC via Steam.

Shards of Infinity goes Digital (Credit: Stone Blade Entertainment)

A New Expansion for The Manhattan Project

A brand-new expansion for The Manhattan Project has launched on Kickstarter. The Cold War Expansion, from Minion Games, adds six separate modules to the base game, as well as components for automated solo gaming.

The new modules include the following:

  • New Nations Cards.
  • Megastructures Cards.
  • Espionage Cards.
  • New Global Impact Cards.
  • New Structures Cards.
  • The Doomsday Clock and Cold War Cards.

The solo variant includes 48 Clash of Nations cards. The Cold War Expansion requires the base game in order to play and is not compatible with other products in The Manhattan Project game series. At the time of writing, over 1400 backers have pledged more than £41,000 on the Kickstarter campaign. There are 20 days remaining on the project.