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NEWS: Rotten Tomatoes The Card Game

rotten tomatoes
rotten tomatoes

Wednesday and Saturday nights are movie nights in our home. And with our son growing like a weed, we now have a monthly mid-week making pizza and staying up late watching movie night (just don’t tell his teachers!). I don’t like to take risks with our viewing pleasure, however. So I’ll often check out a proposed offering on online ratings site Rotten Tomatoes before sitting down with my popcorn! Will this be a sweet cherry? Or will it be a big, squishy rotter, I ask myself? The Tomatometer’s rating based on the percentage of positive reviews will decide our film fate!

Quite a lot of the time we don’t agree with the Tomatometer, but that’s all part of the fun for us! We have enjoyed some right stinkers, and been left with tomato on our faces when watching those critically acclaimed cinematographic masterpieces!

But in 2023, our board gaming addiction and movie watching promise come together in beautiful harmony. Rotten Tomatoes are releasing their first game to go along with their site and books; Rotten Tomatoes; The Card Game!

A card based party game, players will be guessing the ratings of a host of well-known classics like “Terminator” as well as some more straight-to-DVD B side offerings! With hints of Illusion style ordering mechanics, players will be taking turns to slot their movie card into a line up based on ascending Rotten Tomato scores. Correct guesses go into that player’s Movie Collection, and the first with 10 films in their personal library wins! Wild cards turn play into a Top Trumps type showdown with movie cards up for grabs if you get the title, year, audience score, cast, or Rotten Tomato Tomatometer score correct!

If you like films and you like to showcase your mind of movie knowledge (or you just like fun party games!), keep an eye out for Rotten Tomatoes; The Card Game premiering soon!