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NEWS: New Necromunda Rulebook


In the dark future of the 41st millennium, The Imperium of Mankind has spread across the galaxy and colonized millions of different habitable words. Among these worlds, some focused on maximizing the exploitation of natural resources and industrial production to fulfil the constant need of the vast imperium. These worlds are called “Hive Worlds” where massive cities towers over an immense network of mines and highly polluted wasteland generated by the heavy industrialized colonies.

Among all these Hive Worlds, Necromunda is probably the most famous one for every Games Workshop fan as it is the setting of a great skirmish game released in 2015. For those who may not know the game, Necromunda focuses on gangs of outlaws and enforcers that constantly crash against each others to control the territory or to obtain rewards and glory for the House they belong to. The 3rd edition of the game was re-launched as “Necromunda: Underhive” in 2017 and received two further core boxes in 2019 and in 2021. The latest expansion, “Necromunda: Ash Wastes” (2022), allowed the players to also play scenarios set in the wasteland outside the cities.

Now in 2023, Workshop has just announced that a new Necromunda rulebook will hit pre-order soon in July. The new 336 pages tome is not a new edition of the game but an effort to consolidate all the core rules, all the settings and the clarifications in one single place to make this rulebook the core reference for the 3rd edition Necromunda. Moreover, the newer rulebook will bring some changes to previous rules and game improvements. Games Workshop, for example, has disclosed the addition of the rules for a unified Black market and Trade post to streamline the between-battles activities. Among the improvement, Games Workshop seems to have focused on making the core and secondary skills more balanced and interesting. The new book is also expected to provide a better and more realistic gaming experience by updating the experience and injury balance in order to make the conflicts among the Houses more tense and dramatic.

Overall the new rulebook is expected to be a great addition for every Necromunda player and a great way to have all the needed information and rules in a single place!