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NEWS: New Marvel Crisis Protocol Box Sets

Marvel Crisis

It’s time to suit up, don the masks and iron those capes; the newest wave of content for Marvel Crisis Protocol has just been announced by Atomic Mass Games!

Over the space of the weekend, AMG treated Marvel fans to a cornucopia of new reveals and teasers for upcoming box sets. Each featured new scenery, Characters and even teased stat cards for the upcoming Rivals Panel.

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a miniature skirmish game that pits two players against each other as they battle it out with their crews of superheroes and villains. Whilst on the battlefield, terrain can be used as both a defense and a weapon as heroes throw them across the battlefield to gain the advantage and knock back their foes.

So let’s take a closer look at all the new content that’s coming to the Marvel Crisis Universe:

Rival Panels

Earlier this year at Adepticon, we got a teaser into the newest Rivals Panel being introduced to the game, the Battle for the Throne set. This takes players into the realm of Wakanda with a stunning diorama of well known heroes battling it out on Wakandan terrain.

This time round AMG revealed the stat cards that would go alongside the four miniatures included in this diorama. Each card comes packed with new abilities, stats and even has unique rules for the terrain itself.


Moving on to characters, and we have quite the selection to add to our collection. First of all we have a range of classic Xmen characters gracing our battlefield. Including Bishop, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Shadowcat, Professor X and Shadow King. Not only giving players the chance to reenact their favourite battles from the 80’s but also to expand their crews and add new combinations to their assembly.

Next up we got a glimpse at the painted version of previously revealed models. These included heroes from a variety of films and tv shows. The most notable had to be the Scarlet Spider in her symbiote form and a stunningly huge depiction of Sandman in fight mode. But that’s not forgetting all the other character reveals:

  • Electro
  • Angel
  • Silver Sable
  • Shang-Chi

Needless to say, it will be amazing to see what new combinations of heroes players assemble in future battles.


Although I’m usually the most excited for new characters in these reveals, I can’t help being captivated by the gorgeous new terrain pieces that have been revealed.

Starting with the Kingdom of Wakanda sets, we have vehicles, statues, banners, water fountains and native plants to the Wakandan scenery. All of which not only look great on the battlefield but are also ready to be thrown around in battle.

We also got a glimpse at the painted version of previously revealed scenery pieces such as the stunning Asgardian terrain. Consisting of statues, pyres and a stunning platform for heroes to battle on.

New Game Mode

Although touched on very briefly, we also got a look at a potential new game mode coming to the game; Mojo Ball. Players heroes have been taken under the power of Mojo and have been forced to battle it out in an American Football style contest. Considering that many other miniature games have taken on a football style skirmish mode, we’re looking forward to hearing more when it’s announced and seeing what twist the Marvel universe will put on the genre.

Whew, so how about that for a new wave of content. Unfortunately we likely won’t see any of these new models until part way through 2024, but it’s exciting to know that so much new content is coming our way in the very near future! In the meantime, why not let us know which character you’re most excited for from this list of new releases? You can do so by using the tag @zatugames in any social media.