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News Round-Up: A Wave of New Kickstarters and Announcements

Kickstarters Galore - Terror Below

We have Kickstarters coming out of our ears in February, alongside some exciting new releases from publishers that seriously impressed in 2018. Have a look at our news for the week to see if anything catches your eye.

Are you Ready to Face the Terror Below?

In a week full of Kickstarters, Renegade Game Studios has got off to a flying start with their latest launch: Terror Below - Which is ironic, given that it’s all about underground worms. The story goes that Area 51 has had some issues breeding uncontrollable monstrous worm things and they’ve called in brave/foolish hunters to help them round up worm eggs or even hunt the worms themselves.

Players use vehicle cards to move around the board to fetch eggs, being careful not to draw the worms to their location. Card-based combat is also possible, with players losing when their characters have been killed. Terror Below has already funded and Renegade is working on stretch goals. The project is live until February 28 if you want to check it out.

Race for the Chinese Zodiac Launches on Kickstarter

Capstone Games, known for their range of excellent heavy games, has just launched Race for the Chinese Zodiac on Kickstarter. The third in their Simply Complex line, Race for the Chinese Zodiac tells the story of how the Jade Emperor held a race for all the animals to determine which would get to have a year named after them.

Billed as a simultaneous action game for 3-5 players, Capstones latest launch is packed full of colour, interaction and competition. The campaign closes on February 21, so there’s still plenty of time to see if it’s for you.

It's Good to be Bad... Villainous Expansion leaked on BGG

An intrepid BoardGameGeek user has uncovered evidence of the first expansion for hit Disney-themed game, Villainous. Wonder Forge’s new release will be called Villainous: Wicked to the Core and features three new characters: Hades, Dr. Facilier and the Evil Queen.

You can buy it as a standalone game, but the new decks are fully compatible with the base game. We won’t have much more information until Wonder Forge’s official announcement, but it’s safe to say that Villainous fans are already excited for this expansion.

Will NSV Spiele Strike Gold with their Next Release?

NSV Spiele, known for 2018 hit The Mind, has announced Silver & Gold, a new card game from designer Phile Walker-Harding (Gizmos, Barenpark, Imhotep). This new game promises to be a family game of simple rules, fast action and luck. It looks to be based on the concept of treasure maps, with wipeable boards for fresh games every time.

NSV Spiele has become known for simple, small, addictive games in recent years so this is one to keep an eye out for when it’s released around Spring this year.

Dungeons and....Futuristic Mega-corporations?

Stepping away from board games and into the world of RPGs, Cyb_r, a Cyberpunk setting for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), has just been launched on Kickstarter. Pitching itself as D&D ‘with an emphasis on retro-futuristic style and dystopian technology fears,’ Cyb_r brings all new classes, settings and stories for fans of D&D and sci-fi to enjoy.

This is a fan project, not an official Wizards of the Coast product, but there’s an impressive level of detail in evidence on the Kickstarter page. Up until March 6, take a look if a new flavour of D&D seems interesting to you.