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NEWS: Jackbox Party Pack 10

jackbox party pack 10
jackbox party pack 10

It’s time to dig out your competitive socks and do some finger exercises; the newest Jackbox installment is on it’s way with Jackbox Party Pack 10!

It’s hard to believe that there have been 9 previous chaotic party packs over the years, but somehow Jackbox have tapped into another vein of instant party game hits and dug out another collection of 5 competitive party masterpieces.

Jackbox Party Pack 10 features five exciting new game modes:

Tee K.O 2

Players return to T-shirt Island to once again compete in the deadliest fighting tournament there is. Each turn they must use their fingers to draw and write the wackiest pieces of clothing into existence. Once all garments have been created, players and the audience can vote for their favourite to determine the ultimate winner.


Fingers at the ready in this chaotic showdown of text editing. This game pits players against each other in frantic group chat where everyone has to type at once to make the most memorable statement. To make things trickier, there’s no delete key and no autocorrect; so speed and precision are the names of the game!


In Hypnotorious, players are taking part in a hypnotic stage show where they are the subjects. Each turn, the hypnotist will give players a character to play and for the remainder of the turn they must act and answer in that character's persona. Opponents and the audience can then take turns guessing who the mystery persona is to try and score themselves some valuable points.


In Timejinx it’s down to players to become the hero of another timeline as they take on the role of a time traveler. To win, players must save their timeline by answering challenging questions about the past to score points and become the victor.

Dodo Re Mi

In this musical mini game, players must use their phones as a musical instrument to make captivating music and escape the ravenous plants that lurk in the jungle. To start with, players must choose which instrument they’d like to play before playing original songs as a group and fending off the plants that threaten them.

Together, all five games promise to make Jackbox Party Pack one of the most memorable installments of games yet. It will be available in a variety of languages including; English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. And is due to be released on Steam, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox later this year.