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News: DSP’s Sanctuary Gaming Café is Now Open

sanctuary gaming cafe feature

DSP's Sanctuary Gaming Café invites you to explore lands beyond your own. Lands in which you can create settlements across distant worlds. Befriend and ride strange beasts into battle against even stranger enemies. You can even explore the depths of the darkest and most feared dungeons. The universe is only limited by your imagination and the ingenuity of tabletop game designers.

Sanctuary Gaming Café is a new tabletop gaming club based in Redditch, Worcestershire and run by DSP. DSP are a charity focused on providing financial support to those in need. DSP has expanded their services into mentoring and improving mental health by providing a gaming centre.

Alex Powell, CEO of DSP, is a loyal Zatu Games customer. After buying many tabletop games, Alex Powell decided that he wanted to create a haven for gamers in the heart of Redditch. In a world full of screens, gaming is a welcome way to bring us back together. All while still keeping our imagination at the forefront as we step into each adventure.

What to Expect from Sanctuary Gaming Café

Tabletop games can also be a great way for those who struggle with social situations. Gaming is a great hobby for those with high anxiety, stress, depression or mental disorders to find some common ground with those around them. Sanctuary Gaming Café is launching a mentoring programme to help people to step into social environments and grow their confidence. We all need a support network around us to some degree. The goal is to build firm friendships based upon the universal love of board games.

The other purpose of Sanctuary Gaming Café is to create an affordable family evening. Menu prices are purposely very low to allow for a perfect family night out. Entrance charges are also very low to members. You can even “pay it forward” at the counter. This act of kindness ensures that everyone in attendance can have a hot meal and drink.

Games for All

There really is a board game for everyone! Some feature our favourite characters from popular stories, such as H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. Others feature stars of our favourite TV shows and films such as Doctor Who, Star Trek and Harry Potter. This list only grows with each passing year, making gaming the perfect hobby for anyone at any level.

Now with over 100 games and a subscription to Zatu Games' monthly games boxes, Sanctuary Gaming Café has a wonderful selection for all of its visitors.

Find Out More

If you would like to join Sanctuary Gaming Café and experience all of the wonders they now have available, visit them here. Check out their growing games list and menu for your next game night meal.

To find out more about the wonderful work that the Disability Support Project do, visit their site here.