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NEWS: Carcassonne: The Wonders Of Humanity Revealed

The Wonders Of Humanity

It’s time to crack out the toolkit and alert the charter, there’s a brand new Carcassonne expansion on the horizon - Wonders Of Humanity!

Whilst constructing the perfect French countryside in Carcassonne, it’s not unusual to encounter a variety of Ghosts, catapults, traders, witches and more. Thanks to the previous Carcassonne expansions, we have seen a wide range of new mechanics, scoring methods and characters introduced over the years.

Thankfully, Carcassonne is no different as it looks to introduce four famous landmarks from across the real world into the realm. These famous building are:

  • Stonehenge - A prehistoric monument that can be found in the South West of England.
  • Circus Maximus - A stunning Roman chariot racing stadium that dates back to the 6th century.
  • Notre Dame - A medieval cathedral located in Paris, France.
  • Alhambra - A Spanish palace from the 13th century located in Granada.

With four distinctive new landmarks to add to the game, there’s only one more question that remains, how do you play this new expansion? Luckily, it’s devilishly simple:

  1. All landmark pieces are placed next to the scoring board.
  2. Players place a marking meeple and one of their coloured meeples next to the 10 point space on the scoring board.
  3. The first player to reach the 10 point mark takes both of their set aside meeples into their collection and moves the other players meeples 5 spaces forward, to the 15 point mark. Once this is done, they choose one of the set aside wonders and place it in front of them.
  4. On their next turn, they place the wonder as if it were the random tile they had picked up.
  5. This continues as other players reach the 15, 20, and 25 point space.

Personally, I think this simple addition to an already varied game is a fantastic way to bring the wider world into a game of Carcassonne and appeal to even more players. Carcassonne: The wonders of Humanity is set to release later this year, with many more packs of famous landmarks to follow in the near future.

So, what new wonders would you like to see in future Wonder expansions? As always, you can let us know by using the @zatugames tag on any social media platform.