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Ironstider Warhammer 40k Review

Ironstider Warhammer Review

With the release of 10th edition many things have changed, some for the better some for the worse. This blog will be focusing on the kit for Ironstider Balistarii and the stats for gameplay.

The Kit

Well there is a lot to say about the kit. With Adeptus Mechanics being one of the most stunning looking armies in the Warhammer world having its retro-futuristic look, and all its complicated models with the Ironstrider, this is no exception.

The plastic in the kit is the same as all the other 40K models, which is decent. However, within this kit there are lots of parts which are delicate such as the antenna or the small arms of the model. Having it also be a very detailed model, it’s very fiddly to put together with you having to be careful about how you insert the small pieces into the larger pieces - if you mess up, it’s very hard to get those pieces back out. With it being a fairly large and detailed model, the instructions will be decently long for something from the Warhammer collection, but nothing insane.

This leads me to the instructions. Now, Games Workshop and some of their work is somewhat questionable. I found a total of 3 mistakes within the instructions. I ordered two of these Ironstriders so I knew it was not a mistake in just mine. The first mistake is on instruction 1f with number 32 however that number should be 30. The second one is on 3b with number 6 which should be 14. 4b is also the same with 6 being 14.

Rules & Gameplay

Moving on from the instructions, when it comes to the rules and gameplay of the Ironstider Balistarii I think they are one of the best models you can have in an Adeptus Mechanicus army!


With this model of Ironstrider looking stunning and packing a punch at a cheap price point, for gameplay it is certainly a must have if you run an Adeptus Mechanicus army. Even if you don’t, and if you just love picking up models to build or paint, I would still 100% recommend. But be careful about the mistakes in the instructions - if there were none, I would give it a 100/100 on the scale.