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Dugout Dispatch – Blood Bowl Match Report

blood bowl logo

Geltendorf Ghouls Vs Mickey's Midnight Runners

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of Dugout Dispatch, bringing you reports on the best Blood Bowl matches anywhere in the known world. Now we’re still new to this whole malarkey so bare with us and forgive the odd dodgy picture and hazy information. We promise to get better, we have to, otherwise there is a dungeon with our name on it!

First off, let's meet the teams! First up we have the Geltendorf Ghouls, who frankly give us the chills. They hail from…six feet under, that's about all we know, but they look like even though they died once they are in no rush to do so again, they will be tough to take down.

Today they face Mickey's Midnight Runners and boy can they run. These Dark Elves are extremely nimble and should have no problem avoiding the shambling undead. We asked them where they were from but they said nothing and just stared at us, at which point we quietly retreated from the room. I don't think we’ll be joining either team for drinks after the match tonight.

For those keen to see who we have playing today, here are the teams lists.

Geltendorf Ghouls

Mummy - MA 3, ST 5, AG 5+, PA -, AV 10+, Mighty Blow (+1), Regeneration - 125,000

Mummy - MA 3, ST 5, AG 5+, PA -, AV 10+, Mighty Blow (+1), Regeneration - 125,000

Wight - MA 6, ST 3, AG 3+, PA 5+, AV 9+, Block, Regeneration - 90,000

Wight - MA 6, ST 3, AG 3+, PA 5+, AV 9+, Block, Regeneration - 90,000

Ghoul - MA 7, ST 3, AG 3+, PA 4+, AV 8+, Dodge, Regeneration - 75,000

Ghoul - MA 7, ST 3, AG 3+, PA 4+, AV 8+, Dodge, Regeneration - 75,000

Skeleton - MA 5, ST 3, AG 4+, PA 6+, AV 8+, Thick Skull, Regeneration - 40,000

Skeleton - MA 5, ST 3, AG 4+, PA 6+, AV 8+, Thick Skull, Regeneration - 40,000

Zombie - MA 4, ST 3, AG 4+, PA -, AV 9+, Regeneration - 40,000

Zombie - MA 4, ST 3, AG 4+, PA -, AV 9+, Regeneration - 40,000

Zombie - MA 4, ST 3, AG 4+, PA -, AV 9+, Regeneration - 40,000


Re-Rolls - 3 - 210,000

Team Value - 990,000


Mickey’s Midnight Runners

Blitzer - MA 7, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+, Block - 100,000

Blitzer - MA 7, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+, Block - 100,000

Blitzer - MA 7, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+, Block - 100,000

Blitzer - MA 7, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+, Block - 100,000

Runner - MA 7, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 3+, AV 8+, Dump Off - 80,000

Lineman - MA 6, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+ - 70,000

Lineman - MA 6, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+ - 70,000

Lineman - MA 6, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+ - 70,000

Lineman - MA 6, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+ - 70,000

Lineman - MA 6, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+ - 70,000

Lineman - MA 6, ST 3, AG 2+, PA 4+, AV 9+ - 70,000


Re-Rolls - 2 - 100,000

Team Value - 1,000,000

So without further ado, let’s dive into the game!



The Ghouls won the toss and elected to defend first so they will be kicking off. Due to a pitch invasion kick-off event, several players on both teams were stunned, which crucially left the Ghouls right flank completely open. Not a good start.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 1

Knowing how dangerous the Ghouls could be up close, the Runners moved themselves away from the Ghouls centre line. As they immediately took possession of the ball, they focused instead on defending the carrier while pushing down both flanks.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 1

Given their opponents ability, several Ghouls moved to pin down as many Runners as they could, while relying on their zombies to intercept those elves who had broken through their lines. While their right flank was still in danger, the left flank was successfully defended, resulting in a KO’d opponent.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 2

Easily freeing up their players running down the Ghouls right flank, the Runners made an amazing catch, dashing towards the end zone. The rest of their players moved in to pin the other Ghouls so they couldn’t interfere.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 2

One lone determined zombie managed to chase down the ball carrier and knock him down. Sadly he was unable to catch the loose ball. Meanwhile the rest of the team bullied the weaker elves wherever they could.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 3

Not wanting to tempt fate, the Runners brought in a supporting player to help the previous ball carrier deal with the zombie. They both pushed him into the crowd and the crowd finished him off (not for good though, these Ghouls are tenacious and he regenerated). They ended their turn in possession of the ball just itching for a touchdown.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 3

As elves continued to fall left, right and centre, another of the Ghouls players just managed to make it to the ball carrier in a last ditch attempt that failed miserably. He ran raving at the elf and the elf just knocked him down.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 4



A clean kick by the elves with the Ghouls positioning their…ghouls…ready to move. Due to a blitz kick-off event, the Runners were able to move several of their players in from their initial positions to block the Ghouls team.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 4

Ouch, the Runners really took a pummeling. I think they are regretting moving closer. Several of their team were knocked down or out entirely. The Ghouls pushed strongly into the Runners half and attempted to open a space for the ball carrying ghoul to run.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 5

The Runners attempted to fight back and secure their defence, pushing back strongly into the Ghouls. This however, ended in an unfortunate accident when one elf made a dash for the ball carrier and slipped, leaving a space wide open for the ghoul to run through.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 5

Knowing they were a point down the Ghouls didn’t waste any time and charged through the temporary gap with another player moving in to defend. Elsewhere more elves were knocked down or marked to hopefully stop them interfering…but these elves are quick!

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 6

You could have blinked and missed this turn. Unfortunately the first elf player to move failed to dodge out the way of one of the Ghoul players and kicked the dirt. Turnover!

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 6

Continuing the run, the Ghouls could have risked a rush and scored this turn, but they decided not to tempt fate. Instead they moved to just a single square away from the end zone, with another player moving in to help defend.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 7

Seeing the writing on the wall the elves made a valiant effort to take out some undead while they could, but found them rather tenacious.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 7



One player on each side was knocked down due to another pitch invasion kick-off event, clearly the crowd is rowdy tonight. Ghouls took up strong defensive positions on their backline, more for practice than anything given the approaching half-time whistle.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners & Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 8

There is limited photo coverage available but it was a subdued turn of events. The elves were mainly happy several of their players recovered from injury, some going into turn 8 and some at half time.


Neck and neck so far, elves easily outmanoeuvring the undead, despite a few slip ups. Ghouls proving their reputation is well founded as they are very hard to keep down, as well as pummelling anything that gets too close. Will the elf speed or the undead tenacity win out. We shall see.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 9

The Ghouls shamble with intent into the second half of the game, barrelling into several Runners players and knocking them down while going for the ball. They fail to pick it up though, which gets a little chuckle from the crowd.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 9

They took a hard initial hit but they have come back strong. Seeing the centre falling, the Runners redirect their efforts to the flanks, trying to overwhelm the Ghouls defences with numbers and break through to the ball, but it isn't going to be easy.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 10

With all but one fight abandoned in the centre, they decide that area is won and the Ghouls back up their teammates on the flanks. The sides of the pitch are now looking like extremely violent mosh pits with all the blocks going on, it’s hard to say at this point who will come out on top. But we do know one thing, the Ghouls need practice at picking up balls as they fail yet again, drawing a full on chorus of laughter from the crowd this time.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 10

Things have taken a turn this round with the Runners managing to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge their way out of one flank skirmish to run towards the ball, taking the Ghouls by surprise. While in the centre the Runners came out on top in the remaining fight the Ghouls assumed they had won, and backed up the other Runners as they made a break for it. The ball is dangerously near the end zone, the Ghouls need to do something and quickly.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 11

Finally, the Ghouls manage to pick up the ball and the crowd erupts in cheers. Both back field players move towards the stronger of their two flanks for support, eying the incoming elves warily. Meanwhile the Runners thrower is left alone in the centre when his teammates goes down to a mummy, and the other Ghouls continue to clean up the Runners on the flanks.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 11

As nimble as ever, several Runners managed to make their way to the ball carrier and knock him down, leaving the ball loose on the ground after a few bounces off confused players' heads. It’s all to play for here as both teams have players in the area and are determined to snatch the win.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 12

An attempt was made by the Ghouls to knock out an opposing player and claim control of the ball simultaneously, but it sadly failed (at least, the second part did, I think they were left with concussion from using their head…can undead have concussion?). They are in a strong position on the pitch though, having wiped out an entire flank of Runners they are now regrouping to help grasp the ball from the maelstrom that is building. The Runners better be quick, as the walls are closing in.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 12

It’s amazing to see quite how quick these Runners truly are, they get places you just don’t believe they can go. While they didn’t manage to pick up the ball this turn, they have it surrounded and are looking strong. Although sadly their turn did end with a particularly bad block knocking their own player down.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 13

What a thunderous turn by the Ghouls, and by thunder, I actually mean the sound of Runners being pummelled out of the way. Not content with letting the Runners surround the ball, the Ghouls pound their way into the cage and break it open, leaving just enough room for one of them to squeeze through, grab the ball (for once), and run on into the Runners half.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 13

The Runners aren’t taking this lying down however, they move one of their players to near the end zone in preparation for a hail mary pass. It’s a long shot, but I believe they could do it, if they can just get the ball. Elsewhere, they attempt to threaten some Ghouls but get knocked back, they are running low on players.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 14

Things are looking grim for the Runners as the Ghouls race towards the end zone dispersing all their other players to block any elf they see. It’s almost too brutal to watch…almost. By the end of the turn there are only 3 Runners still on their feet.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 14

My word these Runners have some fight in them. With their 1 remaining player anywhere close to the ball, they manage to blitz their way into the carrier, knocking him down and scattering the ball. Meanwhile they move another player into position on the open flank. Will they make a stunning late game play?

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 15

Thoroughly annoyed at their run being interrupted, two Ghouls gang up on the Runner that chased the ball carrier, not only knocking him down but sending him to the bench to recover. That really looked like it hurt. Returning to his feet, the previous carrier retrieves the ball and prepares for a touchdown.

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 15

It looks like the Runners luck has finally run out. One final mad dash ended at the first hurdle when the player was tackled trying to extricate himself from several Ghouls, and that’s turnover.

Geltendorf Ghouls - Turn 16

And that's a touchdown for the Ghouls!

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - Turn 16

Gracious in their defeat, the Runners conceded the game to the Ghouls, knowing there was nothing they could do in their final turn.

Final Score

Geltendorf Ghouls - 2

Mickey’s Midnight Runners - 1

A stupendous game of Blood Bowl if ever I saw one. The elves proved just how nimble they are and always seemed to have a backup plan, whatever happened. Sadly they just couldn’t overcome the sheer stubborn determination of the undead. I mean, if you are so determined not to die that you don’t, how can anyone really match up. It was a close thing though, and I have a feeling if they were to play again the elves might have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

Both managers are new to the game but I can see them going far. While these teams were on retainer for this match, I’ve heard rumblings that the managers are both in negotiations to acquire other teams, hopefully we’ll hear more about that soon.

That’s all for now, but keep an eye out for more issues of Dugout Dispatch in the future!

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