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Final Girl: Creech Manor Review


Welcome to 1998; you are 14, sat in a friend’s house down the street. No parents in sight. A VHS of a horror movie has been put in the video player. You all sit back not knowing what to expect. The Poltergeist begins and before you know it, you are too terrified to move. Everyone is glued to the screen but at the same time trying to avert their eyes!

The movie is over, curtains have opened, daylight. Phew! Its over. Later that night, you're lying awake in bed, once again haunted by that 80’s VHS horror you have just watched! What’s that noise....

Many sleepless nights were spent reminiscing of VHS horrors of the past! And Final Girl: Haunting of Creech Manor brings this all back to life… In a good way! However, this does not mean this is all for nostalgia, this game brings something for everyone!

What Is Final Girl?

Final Girl is a highly themed and highly variable horror game for one. Essentially, you are the star of your own horror movie! You choose the Final Girl and then the Map! You can then move, run, search, craft, and fight to survive your own horror night!

What is required to play the game? You must have the core box. Final Girl Core Box can be found here.

How Does It Play?

Firstly, the key thing to mention is the game is easy to learn and accessible to people even if you have limited gaming space and no table.

So, you have chosen to play Creech Manor and battle the Poltergeist. The two Girls of choice in this expansion are Alice and Selena, who each have their own strengths and weaknesses. (Note: you can use any final girl from any expansion).

Your goal in Creech Manor is to find Carolyn and save her. This is no easy task! You must explore Creech Manor saving victims, exploring rooms, and looking for Carolyn. The twist is that you cannot fight back against the Poltergeist. Stealth and speed are key!

Is it just luck?

I would expect a lot of people who play this game would say it is down to luck. I tend to disagree, if you make good decisions, luck should only play a small part of the game. However, saying that, this is the way I play the game. You can make heavily risky luck-based decisions and hope your dice rolls can carry you to a victory.

Is It Any Good?

For me, personally, this is the best solo game on the market. This game would feature in my top 10 games every single time. This game to me is not only about the way it plays but also how brilliant it looks on your shelf. The old VHS style look is incredible on your games shelf area. On a personal level, I own in excess of 50 board games and this one is in the top 3.


Loving old horror movies will help, but I feel this is for everyone. I am not a fan of horror movies. But I absolutely love this series. You will be frustrated, you will be overjoyed, you will be annoyed, however, you will keep coming back.

You will find yourself caring enough to sleeve this game. You will love how it looks on the shelf. Do it.