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What the gamers are saying: Cash and Guns

We're all about the board gaming community here at Zatu and there's nothing better than hearing what you guys, the gamers, actually think about the games that you are playing! That's why we continue to ask our friends over at Reddit for their opinions and this week it's the turn of Cash and Guns - otherwise known as Ca$h 'N' Guns!

Cash and Guns is a party game published by Repos Production and sees friends and family members taking on the roles of gangsters who have just pulled-off the biggest heist of their lives. The only problem is that your group cannot decide on how the loot should be split!

It's time to get your foam guns out and play through eight rounds of what is essentially Russian Roulette, in order to see who gets the most loot! The person to do so will be named the winner. Without further a do, let's take a look at what the gamers are saying about Cash and Guns...

The Good

_Volstag Says:

"I think it's a fine game. Fun, quick, very approachable. You can explain the rules in a couple minutes. It tends to generate plenty of laughs and groans of dismay.... at least at our table. Like similar party style games, it's really dependent on the people you're playing with IMO. FWIW, my thoughts are based on the 1st edition."

afty Says:

"I think Cash N' Guns is a great starter. I love that it can support a lot of people, it's easy to teach and play, and can be played with any age range. I've found it to be a big hit a family gatherings because 10 year olds can play with grandma. The foam guns are a bit gimmicky but it's a gimmick that really works. Every single person I play with loves the mexican stand off mechanic and people get really into it the first time you play."

TheAmazingSpider-Fan Says:

"I really love the game, and it fills a special niche with my gaming group - most party games which handle 6+ players are social deduction games, and that is fine, but Cash 'n' Guns offers an alternative play style, and it is just manically good fun."

XsimonbelmontX Says:

"It's a fun game to pull out at the beginning of the night to get everyone warmed up, especially if they are more casual players. It fits in the same category as Werewolf, Bang, Coup, etc. Everyone yells at each other and talks trash, and most of all it doesn't overstay its welcome no matter the player count. Everyone seems to like the foam guns, it's the kind of fun tangible component you don't see in many games."

A little disagreement?

filmnick00 Says:

"I was really excited about this game but I've played it now 3 times, and all three times I was killed before the end of the game. Twice I was killed before the half way point. I guess that comes from being "the board game guy" and everyone's strategy is to always just kill me off hahaha. I'm not really a fan of games that eliminate players which cause them to just sit there while the rest play. Because of that reason I don't see me getting it to the table any time soon."

EvilNuff replied:

"Why are you not laying down your gun more often? Yeah you may not get any cash but you can prevent yourself ever being killed."

baconhax added: 

"You can't lay down every single time, otherwise it's basically like you're dead already."

EvilNuff responds: 

"Sure but the OPs comment was that he died 3 out of 3 times, that's 100% his fault because of how the game is structured."

baconhax again:

"I'm sympathetic to filmnick00's plight because the game really is structured in a way where someone can get ganged up on and there's not much you can do about it. Combined with the player elimination that comes with being ganged up on, it can be a frustrating experience."

The Bad 

afty Continued:

"On the other hand, the more I play it the less interested I am in returning to it. The actual game only exists to support the Mexican stand-off and everything outside of that is pretty weak. Every game seems to repeat the same pattern. The first couple rounds are pretty much all blanks, someone reluctantly shoots, the person who was shot last round is guaranteed to return fire on the next. Then its a series of revenge shootings until the end of the game.

"The other problem is its very possible to die early and then sit around watching everyone else play for the rest of the game. I absolutely despise game mechanics where that can happen. It allows people to check out, retreat to their phones, and can kill the vibe."

Stevenswipe Says:

"I think it's a neat concept and it gets people excited, but there's just not enough game for me. I'm really not crazy about the player elimination (which is the case for any game with that mechanic in it for me) and I feel like it can happen really early. Plus you can basically be forced to lay down every turn if you get two wounds early, and that's some how worse than being eliminated. Also I've heard people say they don't like that it can basically boil down to a popularity contest, that is to say that our just point your gun at who ever you're closest or most comfortable with, so the quite one never gets shot and gets all the loot. It's a pass for me."

Interested in Cash and Guns?

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