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Board Games That Improve Reaction Times

Okay folks, it’s a new year. And that means many minds turning to new year’s resolutions. Resolving to get fitter, eat better, and vowing to achieve that hallowed “work-life” balance! At the grand old age of 40, my GP now calls me in for an annual health MOT, and points out ways I could do better. My reaction times aren't what they used to be!

And as a Zatu blogger, I feel it is my duty to adapt her “50 star jumps before breakfast” suggestion (no ta!) into something you can achieve through gaming! So this is going to be a series on how to improve physical and mental health in 2023 through the wonderfully varied medium of board gaming! Unitards optional!

So we are kicking off with 5 games to get you exercising more than just your mind! Specifically games that you don’t think are going to be working those quads or biceps, but can actually cause quite a sweat! Here are some board games that improve reaction times...

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Right class of 2023: make sure your nails are trimmed, your jewellery has been removed, and you’ve done some practice stretches! Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza is a card game but not as you know it!

In this say what you say, not what you see game, you’ll be chanting your way to getting rid of all your cards! That is until the word on someone’s card matches what they say. Then it’s a race to slap that pile like a boss! Because get there last, and you’ll be left picking up all the cards! But there are also some special creatures. When they hit the table, it’s a mad scramble to do the specific actions and slap that deck! Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is crazy, portable family fun where looking silly, pumping your muscles, and laughing out loud are mandatory!


Ah, Twister! The ancient art of limb-igami! Growing up in the 80s, it wasn’t a party unless Twister was on the floor. And not knowing my left from my right made it extra interesting for sure! The rules are simple; spin the wheel of hands and feet, and everyone has to place a corresponding appendage on an empty, matching colour circle (e.g. left hand; green!). Staying still doesn’t cut it, so even if you’re already on the right spot, you’ll need to find another! If your knee, elbow or any other part of you touches the mat, you’re out! And the new version has two new moves; hands (or feet) in the air (like you just don’t care!), and spinner’s choice for freestyling fancy! Oh and designated referee and spinner operator’s word is final! This is twisty-bendy fun for all the family and improving your overall reaction times!


KLASK is what happens when air-hockey, table tennis, and magnets are dropped in a burning pit and forged together forever! Roll your shoulders, folks, as this is going to be some back-and-forth fierce competition! With your hands sliding a magnet under the table which operate your piece on the surface, your aim is to fire the ball into your opponent’s goal for a point. BUT! There are magnetic obstacles on the pitch that can move around and stick to your piece. Get two stuck to you and that’s a point to the other side! With own goals and pieces falling off the table a real risk, KLASK is brilliant, focused physical fun!

Throw Throw Burrito

Catchers and dodgers; this is your time to shine! Throw Throw Burrito is basically card game dodgeball. And whooeey! You’ll wish you were just doing drills! Trying to collect matching cards whilst simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing soft airborne burritos is a crazy combo! The cards you collect earn you points, but a burrito body shot loses them again!. Steal, slam, and battle your way to burrito based victory in one of the most unique set collecting games around! And if you like to get your exercise fix outside, check out Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition

Bop It

Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! The electronic game of fast eyes and faster moves will get your pulse racing for sure! It will also certainly put your reaction times to the test.  With the new edition of Bop it! including the classic multiplayer, as well as new pass-it and solo modes, there are plenty more opportunities to get your sweat on! 3 random commands will be announced by the Bop it!, and each one must be carried out in the correct order. Will your cat-like reactions see you to victory? With high scores being announced, the race for glory is on! This is definitely not a game where slow and steady wins the race!

Well I hope this first list has inspired you! With almost half of January gone already, it’s time you got your training gear on and headed to the table! Have fun! And remember; sleep is for wimps! Haha

That concludes our list of Board Games to improve reaction times. Is there any we missed? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media @zatugames.