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Best Blockbuster Games this Christmas


It's Christmas time!!!! What better way to celebrate then by buying your all of your family and friends the best blockbuster games available here at Zatu Games!

To help you decide which games to choose we have put together a little list of our top blockbuster games, including top titles such as SeaFall and Ticket to Ride.


One of the most highly-anticipated board games of 2016. SeaFall is the brainchild of Rob Daviau, creator of the Legacy board game concept. SeaFall is the first game to be built specifically to be a legacy game.

Legacy games remember what happens each time you play. The choices you make in your game have an irreversible impact on your gaming world. Cards will be modified, sealed packs are opening and some cards are even ripped up!

In SeaFall each player plays a leader of a province on the east end of the world, and commands two ships which stretch out toward the wide, open sea. Players earn glory by upgrading their provinces and ships, obtaining valuable treasures, achieving important milestones and successfully completing endeavours.

For newcomers to the legacy genre there is also a Prologue game that can be played before you start the real thing! It is expected that you are your friends will be able to play between 15-17 games in total.

SeaFall is available for in our online store! 

Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy has sat at the top of the BoardGameGeek chart ever since it was released back in 2015! This was the legacy game that really made the world stop and take notice of Rob Daviau's work.

In Pandemic Legacy, your disease- fighting team must keep four deadly diseases at bay for a whole year. Each month will bring new surprises, and your actions in each game will have repercussions on the next.

The co-operative campaign is played through 12-24 sessions - depending on how skillful your group of friends are! During the campaign, new rules and components will be introduced. These will sometimes require you to permanently alter the components of the game; this includes writing on cards, ripping up cards, and placing permanent stickers on components. Your characters can gain new skills, or detrimental effects. A character can even be lost entirely, at which point it's no longer available for play.

You can buy Pandemic Legacy Season One Blue and Season One Red on our online store today!


One of our best sellers here at Zatu Games! Takenoko was originally released back in 2011 by Asmodee and requires you to care for the Japanese Emperor's giant panda bear!

In order to achieve this you will need to cultivate plots of land using irrigation and intelligence so that bamboo, the only food that the Panda will eat, grows in abundance. The better you are at looking after your garden, the more prestige you will earn.

During the game you will need to complete three objectives: Plot, Gardener and Panda! Asmodee describe them as:

  1. Plot Objectives - "depict configurations of three or four adjacent plots. If you can arrange the garden’s plots to reflect the pattern on an objective card, you fulfill that objective and score its points."
  2. Gardener Objectives - "Show bamboo shoots grown in specific colours and specific numbers, sometimes with improvements and sometimes without. Whenever the garden contains the bamboo shoots depicted on your gardener objective, you fulfil that objective and can score its points."
  3. Panda Objectives - "Portray two or three bamboo sections of specific colour combinations. To fulfil these objectives, you must collect the specified bamboo sections on your player board. But there’s only one way to do this—you must guide the panda to eat the appropriate bamboo!"

Takenoko is available online now! 

Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is a multi-award winning game developed by Days of Wonder. The game was released back in 2004 and has gone on to sell over three million copies and is now one of the most popular board game series available on the market.

The game has also been labelled as the epitome of a gateway game by BoardGameGeek, who describe it as being: "simple enough to be taught in a few minutes, and with enough action and tension to keep new players involved and in the game for the duration."

The aim of the game is create as many railroad routes as you can across early 20th century America! On each turn, players can collect cards of various types of train cars, purchase Destination Tickets or claim routes with pre-owned train cards. The longer the route that has claimed, the more points they earn. Additional points are also added to those who fulfil Destination Tickets – goal cards that connect distant cities as well as to the one player who builds the longest continuous route.

Ticket To Ride is available to buy right now on our online store! 

Conan (Core Box)

A brand-new Conan game by Monolith Edition! This game was created with the help of Kickstarter users, with 16,038 backers helping to raise $3,327,757.

This game allows you to relive Conan's greatest adventures through eight unique scenarios which will take you across Hyboria.

One player among you is the Overlord, who commands the forces of darkness and opposes the heroes at every turn. At his disposal are ferocious beasts, demons of the outer dark, evil necromances and the notorious Zogar Sag with his hordes of Pict Warriors. The Overlord holds the advantage unless the heroes work together, and only the craftiest side will emerge victorious!

You can buy Conan Core Box on our online store right now!