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Steve Conoboy

Steve often dreams of life as a pirate, or as a ghost herder in the Lake District, or as an evil estate agent who sells haunted houses for his own dark pleasure. Instead of figuring out how to do these jobs in real life like a normal lunatic, he tries to write about them instead, and releases the resultant books upon the unsuspecting world via famous digital bookstores. To further complicate his peculiar dreams and job aspirations, he has taken up the hobby of board gaming. More books are bound to follow.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Crime Scene London 1892 review

Steve Conoboy 17/07/2024

Looking to put your detective skills to the test? Crime Scene London 1892 is the perfect board game to put your sleuthing into practice!

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Pandora Celeste Interview

Steve Conoboy 16/07/2024

Let’s talk with designer Mike Ibeji for the inside scoop on one of the big stars of indie board gaming so far in 2024: Pandora Celeste!

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Deep Regrets Interview

Steve Conoboy 15/07/2024

An interview with the one-man-band behind the fishing phenomena Kickstarter: Deep Regrets - read on to find out more!

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NEWS: Rise of Babel

Steve Conoboy 10/07/2024

In Rise of Babel, players assume the role of builders, use elephants to shift resources + aim to construct the grandest tower known to man.

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Peaks Interview

Steve Conoboy 05/07/2024

A behind the scenes interview of Peaks; play as a mountaineer hiking up iconic hills from around the world, featuring a new tag-along mechanic

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NEWS – Natera: A New Beginning

Steve Conoboy 05/07/2024

In Natera: New Beginning, you play as a sentient animal tribe, exploring and controlling areas abandoned in a bright, post-humanity world.

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Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril review

Steve Conoboy 03/07/2024

Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril is set on a dangerous river that winds through lush jungle, with new characters and stories to playthrough!

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Trekking The World Interview

Steve Conoboy 03/07/2024

With Trekking The World 2nd Edition live on Kickstarter right now, let’s find out why this is the essential version of the game!

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Rogue Seas – Interview with Josiah Schwarz

Steve Conoboy 24/06/2024

Pirate Captains from every port have flocked to the waters in search of lost treasure, but these ROGUE SEAS are not to be reckoned with!

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NEWS: Survive Alive

Steve Conoboy 24/06/2024

Always thought you'd be able to survive a zombie apocalypse? Now you can put those claims to the test in Survive Alive!

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