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Kirsty Hewitt

I have been playing, and enjoying board games for well over 10 years now. My first taste of a proper gamers game was when my mum purchased Ticket to Ride. I have now introduced my husband to this amazing hobby (also through Ticket to Ride initially) and am lucky enough to be able to play board games almost every week!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Behind The Bloggers - Kirsty Hewitt

Behind The Bloggers – Kirsty Hewitt

Kirsty Hewitt 17/05/2022

Welcome to the first instalment in a new series where we will be asking the guest bloggers of Zatu some difficult game-related questions!

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Paladins Of The West Kingdom Feature

Paladins Of The West Kingdom Review

Kirsty Hewitt 11/11/2021

If you are looking for a twist on worker placement, or if you enjoy an efficiency puzzle, you will enjoy Paladins of the West Kingdom.

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Wingspan Feature

How To Play Wingspan

Kirsty Hewitt 28/10/2021

In Wingspan, players are bird enthusiasts. They are trying to attract birds to each of their three different bird havens.

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Four Games for People Who Love Chess Feature

Four Games for People Who Love Chess

Kirsty Hewitt 20/07/2021

Chess is a classic. But some people are put off by it's looks and barrier to entry. Kirsty saves the day by suggesting four modern alternatives.

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top board games to lose yourself in lord of the rings journeys in middle earth

Top 4 Board Games To Lose Yourself In

Kirsty Hewitt 13/05/2021

As part of Zatu’s focus on mental health month, some of the bloggers have been thinking about games to lose yourself in. Here are our top picks.

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Santa Monica artwork

Best Board Game Artwork Of 2020

Kirsty Hewitt 20/01/2021

It’s fair to say 2020 had some very gorgeous games to offer for all tastes!  Here are the picks of six of the blogging team.

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Kirsty's Christmas Wishlist

Kirsty’s Christmas Wishlist

Kirsty Hewitt 18/12/2020

This is a Christmas wishlist packed full of must-have board games, card games, and expansions for 2020. What is at the top of your wishlist this year?

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Unlock Timeless Adventures Art

Unlock: Timeless Adventures Review

Kirsty Hewitt 13/11/2020

If you enjoy escape room style puzzles then it is definitely worth looking into one of the Unlock boxes. Timeless Adventures is a great starting point.

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Top 6 After Work Games

Kirsty Hewitt 07/09/2020

Wondering want to do after work? You can play board games! Here are my top 6 games to play after a long day in the office.

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Shobu Review

Shobu Review

Kirsty Hewitt 12/08/2020

Shobu is a new abstract strategy game with a imeless, classic feel. But is it worth a play? Kirsty thinks so! Read her review to find out why.

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