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Kirsty Hewitt

I have been playing, and enjoying board games for well over 10 years now. My first taste of a proper gamers game was when my mum purchased Ticket to Ride. I have now introduced my husband to this amazing hobby (also through Ticket to Ride initially) and am lucky enough to be able to play board games almost every week!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

How to Play Odin's Ravens Feature

How to Play Odin’s Ravens

Kirsty Hewitt 27/07/2020

Odin's Ravens is a tricksy race game from Osprey Games. Kirsty gives you a guide to the gameplay and tips to win! Read on for more...

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How to Play Onitama Feature

How to Play Onitama

Kirsty Hewitt 14/07/2020

Onitama is part of the Dice Tower Essentials line, games that belong in every collection. Kirsty runs through how you play this beautiful abstract game.

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Inner Compass Feature

Inner Compass Review

Kirsty Hewitt 03/07/2020

Inner Compass from AEG is an abstract game about managing and navigating your emotions. Does it get things inside out? Kirsty is here to find out!

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Sagrada feature image

How To Play Sagrada

Kirsty Hewitt 02/07/2020

In Sagrada players are competing to build the most beautiful stained glass window for the Sagrada Familia.

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Patchwork Feature

How To Play Patchwork

Kirsty Hewitt 29/06/2020

Patchwork is a game about sewing a quilt! Who doesn't want to do make a quilt? Kirsty is on hand with all the ins and outs...

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Castles of Burgundy How to Feature

How To Play The Castles of Burgundy

Kirsty Hewitt 30/05/2020

Castles of Burgundy by Stefan Feld is a classic dice game. Though not overly complex it has many working parts and Kirsty will walk you through them!

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Codinca Feature

Codinca Review

Kirsty Hewitt 28/05/2020

Codinca is a small box abstract game from Backspindle Games that plays up to four players. Quick playing, easy to learn and portable check out our review!

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Century Eastern Feature

How to Play Century Eastern Wonders

Kirsty Hewitt 27/05/2020

Century Eastern Wonders is the second game in the Century Trilogy. Kirsty teaches you how to play and gives some cheeky tips!

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Next Step Games Feature

Top 5 ‘Next Step’ Games

Kirsty Hewitt 06/05/2020

Want to that the next steps with your gaming collection? Kirsty suggests some games that will give you that extra little crunch!

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Five Tribes Feature

How to Play Five Tribes

Kirsty Hewitt 06/05/2020

Five Tribes can look confusing! Fear not because super clever Kirsty is here with another how to play guide!

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