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Kirsty Hewitt

I have been playing, and enjoying board games for well over 10 years now. My first taste of a proper gamers game was when my mum purchased Ticket to Ride. I have now introduced my husband to this amazing hobby (also through Ticket to Ride initially) and am lucky enough to be able to play board games almost every week!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Top 5 Games You Can Play Solo

Kirsty Hewitt 30/04/2020

Now I have discovered solo gaming, these top 5 are games I would happily play solo at any time.  I think I may have even piqued my husband’s interest to try some of them solo!

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Riverboat Template

How to Play Riverboat

Kirsty Hewitt 30/04/2020

Riverboat is from master designer Michael Kiesling. Want to know how to play before you buy? Kirsty has you covered!

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Gub Feature

GUBS Review

Kirsty Hewitt 10/04/2020

Gubs is a face playing set collection card game on a built in timer! Collect and protect as many Gubs as you can before the GUB cards is draw from the deck!

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Top 5 Gaming Marathon

Top 5 Games For A Board Game Marathon

Kirsty Hewitt 12/03/2020

With Sport Relief coming up, what better way to raise money than by hosting a board game marathon? With that in mind here are my top 5 picks to make it to the table:

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Planet Review

Kirsty Hewitt 09/03/2020

Tile-laying games appear to be growing in popularity at the moment.  This is the latest such game from Blue Orange games. Should you add Planet to your collection?  Read on below for my take.

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Kahuna Review

Kirsty Hewitt 17/02/2020

Having your own tropical island sounds like it should be a relaxing experience. In Kahuna however, you are competing with the other player to build up your own network of tropical islands.

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Sunset Over Water Review

Kirsty Hewitt 31/01/2020

Have you ever wanted to just wake up, go trekking to a beautiful landscape and paint a picture?  If yes then this is the game for you!

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Sola Fide: The Reformation Review

Kirsty Hewitt 17/01/2020

The Reformation, a time of conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Europe in the sixteenth century regarding the doctrine of the Church, is definitely a different theme for a board game.

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