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The Midland Meeple

Currently introducing my partner to the world of board games. I started to add to my collection at an alarming rate during the course of the pandemic (this is not why Pandemic is my favourite board game by the way). As well as board games, I also have two pet turtles (Socrates and Hypatia – they’re really bad at board games) I enjoy sports, going to the theatre and generally letting my yearnings outweigh my earnings.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Games - Cockroach Poker

5 Great Games Outside Of BoardGameGeek’s Top 1000

We wanted to identify games which may have slipped you by. At the time of writing, all these games were outside the BoardGameGeek Top 1,000.

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Barcelona Review

In Barcelona, you will take on the role of builders in 19th-century Barcelona working on the new expansion to the city.

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Greek Monsters

NEWS: Horrified Greek Monsters

Ravensburger have just announced the Greek Monsters expansion for Horrified! Tagline All Hades Breaks Loose. What are we expecting?

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rebuilding seattle

Rebuilding Seattle Review

The great fire of 1889 has burned down the majority of Seattle. It's up to you to get to Rebuilding Seattle!

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garden nation

Garden Nation Review

Garden Nation, a game where four clans who wish to build a city also try to gain the upper hand! Build and abandon buildings!

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games of two halves claim

Game Of Two Halves Board Games

One of the biggest cliches in football states that it is a “game of two halves.” Sometimes one half of the game can be completely different.

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NEWS: Elizabeth Hargrave New Game?

Elizabeth Hargrave has just announced a new game and we're wondering... will the theme fit with Wingspan or nature?

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Lofoten Review

Lofoten. Also known as some of the most important Viking territory. Which of the two Jarls of Lofoten will be the most skillful?

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mantis falls

Mantis Falls Review

As witness to something not meant to be seen, you must escape the dark mob-ruled town of Mantis Falls alive...

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Scout Cards

Scout Review

Scout is here to cure your boredom, this 3-5 player game is ideal for... Of course I won't tell you, read through this review to see!

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