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The Midland Meeple

Relative newbie to the world of board games, I have started to add to my collection at an alarming rate during the course of the pandemic (this is not why Pandemic is my favourite board game by the way). As well as board games, I also have two pet turtles (Socrates and Hypatia – they’re really bad at board games) I enjoy sports, going to the theatre and generally letting my yearnings outweigh my earnings.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Vagrantsong Review

As a team, you’ll work together to complete a series of scenarios set aboard the Silver Ferryman, brought to life by the stunning board art.

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How Board Gaming has Helped my Mental Health Feature

Board Games Meet Mental Health

Whilst I wouldn’t be so brazen to claim that board games have saved my life, they have helped me massively on World Mental Health Day 2020.

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Cryptid Cover

Cryptid: Urban Legends Review

One player is chosen to be cryptid, the other is the scientist. Each player is given a deck of ten cards and a wild card faced down!

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Riverside Review

Riverside Review

Riverside is a welcome addition to the roll-and-write family, and would be an excellent addition to your board game collection too.

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Arkham Horror Game

Top 5 Games For World Book Day

Reading is fundamental. In time for this year’s World Book Day, we’ve decided to focus on games that are story-driven.

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Khora Feature

Khora: Rise of an Empire Review

Khora: Rise of an Empire is a 2-4 player game published by Iello as part of their ‘expert’ range. These are games that are high on strategy.

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dune all player counts feature

Top 5 Games for All Player Counts

When we talk about a game that “scales well,” we mean that our enjoyment isn’t affected by the number of players. Sometimes adding players can mean longer downtime between turns. […]

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Introducing A Loved One To Board Games Feature

Introducing A Loved One To Board Games

A few months ago, I met up with my boyfriend at Symonds Yat. This was the start of me introducing him to board games.

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AngerSmash Review

I’ve really enjoyed AngerSmash. It is a light and easy to teach card game. It’s also meaty enough for more seasoned gamers to enjoy! Read on..

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Five Games We Bought For Silly Reasons But Love Anyway

Today our guest bloggers talk about their favourite accidental, misinformed, and impulse purchases. Read more at Zatu Games.

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