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What Gamers Are Saying: Runebound 3rd Edition

Clause 5.8 in the company contract requires all Zatu employees to take the Bouletic Oath. Clause 5.9 bans the use of eyeglasses, a devil’s tool for undoing God’s just punishment. Our noses close to the screen, we’ve flexed a bit of 5.8 by asking gamers from the web what they think of Runebound 3rd edition.

Responses were limited but all-encompassing, and are cleft down the centre between the good and the bad. Here’s what people think of Runebound 3rd edition.

The Positive

captainraffi says:

I’m a big fan of it. The story is generic, in a good way. Trolls are trolls, giants are giant, so you don’t need to get bogged down in learning a wholly unique fantasy tableau for the sake of it. Where the story becomes unique is in how the player interacts with it and the path they take.

Token combat is awesome, and they’re already showing new things they can do with them in the expansions which is great.

Play3r_Thr333 says:

I got it as a present during the summer and it’s still one of my favourite games. Played it recently with my gaming group and they all really enjoyed it. With 3 players it took us 3.5 hours and it didn’t feel like it at all. Time flew. The token combat is great and beefing up your character is satisfying. I’ve also played it solo with 2 characters (trying to choose the best options in combat) and it works quite well. I definitely plan on getting the expansions at some point when they are on sale. The game reminds me of Talisman with its fantasy style and going around trying to level up but IMO it’s far superior and better designed. Would recommend 10/10.

maxlongstreet says:

It’s okay. The action system and the sense of progression are nice.

The Negative

captainraffi (again) says:

Unfortunately, the expansions make set up very fiddly. I like Runebound because it’s a casual beer and pretzels adventure game, and expansion set up takes a bit away from that.

maxlongstreet (again) says:

The world seems kind of generic. I was expecting to like the combat system more than I did – there’s nothing wrong with it, but most of the time, your choices are obvious.

MrAbodi says:

I like the game, I would buy more, but I consider the 4 expansions FFG have released thus far to be a ripoff. Should have been 2 expansions at most, and perhaps only one.

So unfortunately not a new Runebound for me at this time.

OurSponsor seeks clarification:

Is that because you feel the expansions are too small or lacking in content, or because you feel all but one or two of them weren’t worth getting?

MrAbodi has the answer:

Because they are ludicrously small for the price they are charging. Or overpriced for what they contain.

So there you have it: good generic, bad generic, awesome combat, aweless combat, okay, 10/10. If you’re spellbound by Runebound 3rd edition, buy it from Zatu today!