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Astra Militarium Combat Patrol Review


Who Are The Astra Militarium?

The Astra Militarum serves as the primary ground-based military force of the Imperium, responsible for defending the Imperium’s vast territories, waging wars of conquest, and countering external threats.

They’re organised into various regiments, each with its own unique culture, equipment, and combat doctrine. Some well-known regiments include the Cadian Shock Troops (who feature in this COmbat Patrol), Catachan Jungle Fighters, and Valhallan Ice Warriors.

The Astra Militarum’s greatest strength is in its sheer numbers. Fielding countless soldiers, tanks, artillery pieces, and other war machines, often overwhelming its foes through sheer weight of firepower and manpower. The soldiers are often portrayed as ordinary humans who display incredible bravery, unwavering loyalty to the Emperor, and a willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Imperium.

What’s In The Box?

A Cadian Command Squad, comprising of five models leads the army because there’s no “I” in “team”. A twenty-strong force of Cadian Shock Troops make up the bulk of the patrol with a bi-pedal Armoured Sentinel (which can also be built as a Scout Sentinel) and two Ordnance Teams for support. You’ll also get a Cadian Infantry Transfer Sheet, featuring 597 transfers to decorate your troops.

This is another hefty box that gives a good flavour of what the Astra Militarium is about. Co-ordinated attacks are the name of the game here so having two artillary units is perfect. The Sentinel is a sturdy machine. It’s not as good as one of the famous Militarium tanks, but then not much is. All in all, this is a great box for any budding Astra Militarium players wanting to know what the backbone of the Imperium is all about.

Are They Difficult To Paint?

Painting models that haven’t been blessed with being abnormally tall and covered in power armour is always a challenge. The Astra Militarium are no exception. The Sentinel is a joy to paint and can give you a false sense of security, the two Ordnance Teams are a lot of fun too (although the trooper ducked down covering his ears is a bit of pain to get a paintbrush into).

The real challenge comes in the form of the 20 miniatures that make up the bulk of the squad and the five Command Squad mini’s. You’ll want to dedicate time to the Command squad as these stand out on the battlefield, even when the shells start flying. The 20 Cadian Shock Troopers can be batch painted in numbers you feel comfortable with, personally I work with groups of five. I tried 15 once and things got messy. Most of the uniforms comprise of two colours, with some white thrown in on helmets and shoulders to show rank and create interest for the eye, so can be done quickly. But, as with all of the models, it’s the highlighting stage that will be the most time-consuming. With these being regular-sized humans you’ll need a keen eye and a smaller detail brush to really get in there cover the clothing.