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Which Sagrada Expansion Is For You?

Sagrada Expansion

Sagrada is a dice based puzzle which breaks your brain at least every third game regardless of how many times you play. Vanilla Sagrada has a lot of replayability, but if you are like me, you will want to try out what the expansions can offer. Which Sagrada expansion is for you?

Best For The Planners

If you love forward planning and quicker games then I have a surprising choice for you; the 5-6 player expansion. This expansion unsurprisingly offers the components for 5 and 6 player games with yellow and orange coloured windows. This is great for a serial yellow player like me, and luckily these will all fit into the base box easily. If you decide to play Sagrada at 6, it will take longer to play, but I don’t think that the length of the game is too long even at six because the game is so chill to play. You also get the cutest little dice tray too, although its cardboard beauty is not enough to displace my Zatu dice tray!

The best part of this expansion though are the personal dice pool wheels. At the start of the game each player gets their own personal dice which they roll. On each turn you have to place one from the public dice pool and one from your personal pool. So you already know what half of the dice you need to place are. This also means that the snake draft is half as long so the game actually speeds up significantly. These make the game easier in that there is a lot more known information, but it has yet to mean I perform better.

Best For The Thinkers

If you want to think more during your game about increasing the complexity of your scoring then I think the Life expansion will hit the spot for you. This is a modular expansion where you can pick and choose what you incorporate into each game. You can gain apprentice cards to help your game out with new special abilities. Or if you feel the need to make your life a lot harder, then you can try to make the masterwork dice work and reap big rewards. This expansion for me adds so much to the brain burn that I need to be in the right headspace to be able to play this version. It adds more strategy and I think it will really appeal to those who love the mental agility required for complex puzzles.

Best For Those Who Love The Pretties

Sagrada is a beautiful game, there is no denying it. But translucent glitter dice will make it prettier! So if you love the pretty stuff then I think the Passion expansion is for you. This is also a modular expansion so you can mix it up. This expansion brings the rare glass dice and new public and private objectives to shake things up a bit. The inspiration cards introduce asymmetric player powers for those who like to bring a bit of spice to their Sagrada experience. These will allow you some kind of benefit either once during the game or an ongoing ability. If you want to add a bit more think and a lot more glitter to your game then this is the one for you.

If you want to try a new expansion then hopefully this list has given you a hint of what might be best for you. The good thing to note is that the third façade expansion Glory is due to come out soon, as well as the newly announced Sagrada Legacy game too! So the Sagrada window building expansion fun may never end!