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What’s On Game Pass May 2023

Game Pass
Game Pass

I’ve had a busy month and haven’t had as much time as I’d like to play video games. That said, one of my favourite aspects of Game Pass is the flexibility of the subscription and the choice of games. When I don’t have time to dedicate to a single game, it’s always a pleasure to install a bunch of games I’ve never played, or never thought of playing and giving them a go.

Because of the small cost of the subscription – even cheaper when you buy a subscription from sites that sell keys (I bought three months of Game Pass for as low as £20!) – you never feel out of pocket, or as though you’re being overcharged for the privilege of an evolving library.

I installed most of the new games this month and tried them all. Some stuck and some didn’t, but what I do know is that without Game Pass, I wouldn’t have bought any of the games I played. I simply don’t have the money to afford gaming. All of my gaming is split into two categories: playing old games in my digital library and my Game Pass subscription.

My Picks

Let’s have a look a look at the games I’ve enjoyed most this month:

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Imagine a magnificently realised Tokyo, filled with the supernatural joys of famous Japanese horror films, like Ring and Ju-on. Imagine also, an uninhabited Tokyo, where a sort of rapture-like event has taken place.

You’ll be trying to uncover what has happened to the city with a powerful arsenal of abilities at your disposal. Explore a unique vision of Tokyo and discover locations that we’ve become accustomed to seeing on television and the Abroad in Japan YouTube channel.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a first-person action-adventure game set in an open-world Tokyo. The combat comes across as martial arts meets the arcane, and the gameplay often reminded me of the fun I’d had playing Prey. If you’re a Japanophile or someone looking for a first-person done different, Ghostwire: Tokyo is probably for you.

Minecraft Legends

The first word that sprung to my mind when I started playing Minecraft Legends was charming. Minecraft Legends is another new title set in the Minecraft world – they may as well milk it, right – and yet again the developers don’t disappoint.

I’m surprised by how good this game is considering the developers don’t exactly need the money. They could put out any old rubbish and fans would buy. Minecraft Legends then, is more than just a Minecraft game, it’s a wonderful paean to everything Minecraft, fans included.

A corruption is spreading across the Overworld and you take on the role of hero to purge the decay and return it to a gentle land. The gameplay is a cross between action-RPG and citybuilder. You won’t be dungeon crawling like Diablo and you won’t be building like Cities: Skylines, but there’s enough of a blend to combine to make the game feel fresh.

The game is crossplay, filled with interesting biomes and plenty of Minecraft lore, and is perfect for existing fans of Minecraft, as well as those new to the world.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox

Burton meets Lovecraft in this strange metroidvania. You play – you guessed it – Benedict Fox, an investigator trying to fathom the demise of a family. Set in an increasingly creepy mansion, you’ll fight demons and other occult monstrosities with your demon companion that resides within Benedict’s body.

The game is incredibly beautiful to look at, and much of the satisfaction I derived from the game was exploration. I also admired the level of detail and homage to Lovecraft. The game is set in 1925, so this really is Lovecraft era, and is stylised as such. I wasn’t so sure about the demon companion, but it does add an intriguing element to the gameplay.

This side-scroller rewards exploration and practice. Although the combat was trickier than I imagined, it was worthwhile developing my reflexes because it does feel satisfying to overcome tough enemies. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a Lovecraftian theme or metroidvanias.

Other New Additions

• Quantum Break

• Infinite Guitars

• Homestead Arcana

Medieval Dynasty (Xbox One)

What I’m Playing

It’s been two years since Valheim released in early access and I’ve had to wait this long to see what all the fuss was about. Forgive me for being so excited, even though the fanfare has passed.

I’ve been playing Valheim with two different friends, which means I have two worlds in progress. Both friends have played Valheim previously, so it’s been interesting to compare their strategies whilst learning different playstyles.

With one friend, the game has been smooth: all our actions are methodical and the emphasis has been on building and strengthening a single base. We rarely come unstuck and shy away from fighting until we know we’re prepared.

In contrast to the relative peace of that world, I’ve had nothing but chaos with another friend. We’re often rushing ahead without the appropriate gear, forever changing base and we always seem to be stuck somewhere I don’t want to be.

Both worlds have progressed at the same rate, which is testament to Valheim’s gameplay versatility. Much like Dark Souls, the combat gets easier once you get used to parrying and conserving stamina.

So far, on both worlds, we’re heading to the second boss. On one, we are going by sea, and on the other, by land. We wield troll armour and bronze weapons and we’re stocked with meat and honey. Wish us luck.

That’s it from me for another month. Are you a Game Pass subscriber? If so, we’d love to hear what you’ve been playing, what’s your favourite and least favourite game on the platform? Head over to our socials and fire us an @!