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What’s On Game Pass July 2023

Game Pass

It’s been both a long and short month. At times, it’s dragged, and then I was paid… Although I haven’t gamed as much as I would have liked to this past month, I have delved into new titles on Game Pass to bring you a round-up of my favourite additions over the past few weeks.

I’m still plodding along in Sea of Thieves, so if anyone wants to join in for some casual gametime, add me on Xbox @ doomhaunted.

The Bookwalker: Thief Of Tales

This game is a strange amalgamation of first person walking sim and isometric adventure. You take on the role of a once-acclaimed writer who has lost their ability to write after committing an unspeakable crime. In order to recapture your success, you turn to unsavoury methods.

You are tasked – by a crime lord – with finding items from books and you do so by delving into their remarkable worlds. What I enjoyed most about this game was its ability to separate the player’s world from that of the protagonist. You explore the book worlds as a player, as if you were the writer exploring plots and scenes in your mind.

The first person segments of the game are unfortunately blighted by a persistent stuttering, though I’m sure this will be improved in later patched and doesn’t hamper the game too much.

Bramble: The Mountain King

Think Little Nightmares: strange, creepy and then ascending to outright butchery. This is an unsettling journey through meticulously designed folkish environments, where everything is not as it seems.

You play a young boy who has set off on a journey to rescue his kidnapped sister from a troll. There’s multiple ways to battle the beasts you’ll encounter, but knowing when to strike and when to hide is key to a less stressful play-through.


Play as Mimi and embark on a narrative journey through a stylish water-colourised landscape. Dordogne blends point and click with isometric adventure: you explore Mimi’s childhood in an attempt to understand the family secrets that come from a mysterious letter she reads from her Grandma.

The narrative is reflective and gently compliments the artistry throughout. Whilst the pointing and clicking isn’t as intuitive or smooth on console, the relaxed tone compels you to take a back seat and let the game wash over you like the very water colours that carefully drench the screen.

Other new Game Pass additions:

What I’ve Been Playing

HITMAN World of Assassination… I haven’t had a great deal of time recently, so when I find the time to sit down and play, I like to be able to start and finish something, and hopefully earn a sense of accomplishment.

There’s no better game to do this than Hitman. The contained levels don’t urge me through a story, or tease another area of a gigantic map; they insist on patience, understanding and curiosity. There are multiple ways to ‘beat’ a level in Hitman and the game somehow gets closer to free-will than some games designed specifically with open-endedness in mind.

I’ve reached the end of Hitman 2 and will cherish the third instalment, whilst it lasts. Thankfully, a new mode has been added – Freelancer – that turns the game into a roguelike. Not only does the new mode seem like fun, it just shows how a simple switch in gameplay can enhance a game and provide more value in the long run.

Thanks for reading this month’s instalment. Hit us up on socials and let us know what you’re playing on Game Pass!