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What Viticulture Expansion Is For You?

Viticulture Essential Edition

Wine making is not my typical go-to theme and yet Viticulture simply captures my heart. If you have found yourself on this blog article, then I would wager that you have been playing Viticulture. This blog is going to give you a little feel of what can be expected within each expansion for this great game by Stonemaier Games.

For Those Who Want To Focus On The Wine-Making

If you want to focus on wine making in your games of Viticulture, then it is possible to force yourself and your fellow players by replacing the summer and winter visitors with those from the Rhine Valley expansion. These visitor cards replace those in the base game, and they will remove the victory points from not doing wine options that were found in the base game. If you have a need to shake up the game and bring it back to the wine-ing over the visitor card cycling then you really cannot go wrong with this one.

For Those Who Just Want A Small Change

If you feel like your Viticulture experience is already awesome-sauce then you may not want to shake things up too much. The small Moors Visitors Expansion may be just the thing for you. This small expansion contains summer and winter visitor cards that you can use to give a little bit of variety to the flavour of your game. These will not alter the way that you play, but if you find that you are seeing the same cards over and over then perhaps this will be just the ticket for you. A couple of the cards offer some new end-game scoring abilities too.

For Those Who Want To Expand The Game To Perfection

I adore this game. I truly think that there are miles and miles in the base game, and each of the smaller expansions change very little by just switching out the visitor cards, however eventually you will want more. That more comes from the Tuscany expansion. This game offers a number of modules that you can add in a few of or all of at any one time.

There is a new board which has more seasons on it, now you need to really plan your workers and when you pass for season as those new bonuses may make or break your game. Additionally there is an area control element that is added too. A map where you can place your star tokens out for benefits immediately as well as end game scoring. These two modules are for me the easiest of them to put into your game. There are new rules and your familiarity of the boards will be tested, but they are smooth like butter.

Another module are special workers which come with specific cards detailing the abilities. These offer a metric tonne of variability, you will not have access to all the options in every game, and they all feel so different. You train these workers in a similar way to regular workers, but you need to pay more cash for them. Justifiably though as their abilities are sweet and very worth the wonga.

The final module is the structures. Each player gets an extension to their player board where they can build their own special worker placement spots offering in-game abilities, bonuses or end game scoring. The structures are decided by a deck of 36 orange backed cards and there is, as per usual with Viticulture, a ton of variability in the different structures.

If you want to really make your competitive Viticulture experience perfect then you need to try and pick this one up.

For Those Who Want An Extra Challenge And To Work Together

If you have played Viticulture, you’ll know it is ALL about boxing each other out, blocking spaces that you know others want to visit and generally vying for sweet victory points by whatever means necessary. However, what about working together?

Viticulture World is the cooperative expansion that brings you challenges steeped in history from all over the world. Themed around the story of wine-making in each continent, you and your fellow vineyard owners will be trying to achieve not only the hallowed victory points each, but also required to work together to overcome events, build the engine of the board, revealing more powerful actions and all together working on pushing the common tracks to the win.

This is a campaign game. Each game uses its own set of cards and each has a unique storyline that you play out. As the rules twist and change, so does the difficulty of the game. Because the events are governed by flipping a deck of cards, the game will be similar for each continent but never exactly the same.

Now what I will say is that this game is hard as nails. You will be a year or two away from the end game and completely at a loss as to how on earth you can pull off a win. And yet, it happened for us most of the time. We took a lot of deliberation time but we did in fact manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. If you fancy a challenge then this might well be the one for you.

Round Up

If you are looking to up your Viticulture collection beyond the base game, then hopefully this whistlestop tour will help you to choose where to start.