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What the gamers are saying: Codenames Pictures

We're big fans of Codenames Pictures here at Zatu Games so we thought we would ask the members of the Reddit Board Game topic group to share their thoughts on Czech Games Edition's latest release.

It turns out that this topic didn't gain as much interest as our other 'What the gamers are saying' blog posts so we're just going to share what everybody said about the game. Maybe its not popular enough for people to comment on or maybe people are just too busy playing it - we'll never know!

Anyway, here's what some Reddit board gamers had to say about Codenames Pictures:

Its a Fine Game

takabrash said:

"It's fine. It's basically exactly the same as Codenames."

xandrellas agreed:

"Yeah it's fine. Initial spymaster analysis paralysis on 'howtf can i link these together' was quite evident but became easier"

The original Codenames is better

Tobl4 said:

"It's for a slightly different group than regular Codenames I think. In Codenames, we'd try to find metaphors and associations between the meaning of the words, so it's great for abstract thinkers. In Pictures otoh, most of the time the clue giver would just describe which visual features the cards had in common, almost feeling like a "begins with M"-clue that's expressively forbidden in normal Codenames.

"Maybe it's better for visual thinkers or people that like to keep their ideas direct and tangible. I'll stick with words."

Positive and negative? 

Maximnicov said:

"I didn't play Pictures personally, but I demoed it quite a few time in a gaming pub. Now they're might be a lot of reason, but it seems groups play longer with the original than with Pictures.

"Whenever I teach the original, if the group likes it they play close to one hour. Conversely, I've never seen a table playing Pictures for more than a few rounds. Of course, maybe these tables wouldn't play with the original much either.

"I've also found that it's definitely harder to grasp for non-gamers. They easily get the idea of word association, but the idea of picture-word association is just one step above for some reason.

"I like the unique spy cardboard cards though."

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