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Warhammer 40k News Round-Up: July

Warhammer 40k News Round-Up Feature Image July 2021

Welcome to another edition of my Warhammer 40k News Round-Up. This month we got some fairly cool new stuff, so read on to hear about what happened in the 40K universe in July!

Close-Quarters Combat!

A major feature of this month has been the reinvented rules for Kill Team. That's right, the fast-paced CQC game set in the 40K universe has been revamped and improved to make your games feel a bit more...tactical.

For starters, it was revealed that we're getting new Death Korps and Ork Kommando miniatures for Kill Team, which look amazing. It's great to see the Death Korps show up on the Games Workshop website as well as the Forge World one.

Now, onto the rules. When I say "revamp", I don't mean a bit of an update. No, I mean a full-on remake of the Kill Team rules, separating the skirmish-combat game from its parent. Now players can experience the gritty spec-ops scenarios of the Grimdark future, fighting battles where positioning is just as important as shooting. In fact, for a commander to win, they'll need a plan so cunning they can put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Alongside this, we see new datacards, introducing more intricate details of the models you are sending into battle. These differences between units allow a commander to make more tactical decisions and provides a more detailed combat experience.

Another major change from old Kill Team is that combat is done by alternating model activation. Instead of having to withstand an enemy onslaught before even being able to move, now each player activates only one model before passing the turn. This also provides a more tactical battle environment, as plans have to be adapted move by move, each activation adding more elements to consider in your grand scheme.

Baal Comes To A Computer Near You

Next up in the Warhammer 40k News Round-Up for July is the release of Battlesector.

Warhammer 40000 Battlesector is a brand new game available on PC. Making use of the age-old and ever-popular turn-based strategy genre, Slitherine return to make a masterpiece on level with their previous works such as Gladius - Relics of War and Sanctus Reach.

Aid the Blood Angels sergeant Carleon as you're plunged into the aftermath of the Devastation of Baal. Cleanse Baal Secundus of Tyranid hordes that are galavanting across the planet and consuming biomass wherever they please. Alternatively, take command of the hivemind and throw wave after wave of hideous monsters at the Space Marines in an attempt to overwhelm them and take their biomass- I mean planet.

No matter what side you pick in this stunning game, you can customise your army and the loadouts of the units in it. Infamous units turn up to provide their support, including the healing Sanguinary Priests, the formidable Librarian Dreadnoughts, and the terrifying Hive Tyrant.

If a campaign isn't your cup of tea, take your skills into the live and asynchronous multiplayer, battling with and against other fans in a struggle for dominance.


I think the heading says it all, but let me elaborate:


Sorry, what I mean is that this month we've seen the preview of many different Ork rules from the brand new Codex: Orks.

The first major change brought to light was the introduction of a new weapon type: Dakka Weapons. Yes, you heard me right. Ork weapons are now so shooty that they get their own type. It doesn't get much more dakka than that! The way the new type works is based on range. Dakka weapons have two values, one for if you're within half-range and one for if you're not. This, I personally feel, rather accurately represents the number of shots being dakka'd in the general direction of the enemy (and I say direction very loosely)

New Models

The last section of the Warhammer 40k News Round-Up is, as with last month, a round-up of the new models announced this month.

Following on from the Ork updates, we're seeing the introduction of the Beast Snagga Orks, squig riding boyz that charge into the enemy with ferocity. Characters such as Zodgrod Wortsnagga and units like Squidhog Boyz can be brought to the tabletop soon, and they are all rather terrifying as an Imperium player! All of these and more can be bought all as one in the Beast Snagga Army Set, along with a limited edition codex, and a 52 card datacard set.

Next up is the leader of the Purifier Order within the Grey Knights. That's right, none other than Castellan Garran Crowe. This Grey Knights champion returns with a greatly improved model, and even more powerful than ever. Still wielding his daemon sword, the Black Blade of Antwyr, he continues to resist its dark temptations and offers of power, instead using it to cleave apart its daemonkin.

Lastly is the brand new Infernal Master. These Thousand Sons sorcerors specialise in Daemonology, allowing them to forge deals with the powers of the Warp and bring the aid of Chaos Daemons into battle. Each Infernal Master may know two of six Infernal Pacts in a game, which are sued to buff allies or damage enemies. On top of this, they're psykers too, just to add to the deadly soup that is this model.

Crowe and the Infernal Master can be found alongside their comrades in the Hexfire Battlebox, which pits the might of the Grey Knights against the sorcery of the Thousand Sons.