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Uwe Rosenburg’s ATIWA Coming To Essen 2022


Feed my people! Tend my Sheep! Breed, Breed, Breed! Hang on….hold your horses (and cows and fish……).Uwe Rosenberg is back but this time it’s all about the bats, ‘bout the bats, no trouble!

Okay so there will be trouble. There’s always trouble. In Uwe’s intense games, someone is always at risk of starving or running out of room. And at Essen Spiele in October, the latest in his heavy-weight economic based building games is due to be launched by Lookout Games!

ATIWA is a 1-4 player “advanced level” game based in the ATIWA region of Ghana and revolves around, you guessed it, building a new community! But this one has a fruity twist! You have seen a nearby area prosper as a result of harnessing the crop reseeding (aka pooping!) powers of the indigenous fruit bat population, and you want some of that action! You will therefore be tasked with establishing a village that exploits the eco-friendly relationship between fruit bats and farmers. Reforestation for roosting! Preservation for population growth! Poop for profits!

And that all sounds grand – especially the prodigious pooping! But there’s always a trade-off. With limited space, the bats can’t have it all. You’ve got to factor in the needs of your people. It’s no use having lots of fruit bats but no village to house them. So you’ll be focussed on offsetting the negative effects of mining and bushmeat hunting by creating a bat boom whilst, of course, simultaneously enabling your newly founded settlement to thrive.

And so, ATIWA another I want to do everything but I will never have enough of anything game from a master euro-game engine builder. Decisions promise to be deliciously dilemma heavy. There’s tableau building, worker placement, hand management, variable player powers, resource management, end game bonuses – a big box of mechanics to balance. And there are going to be times when your engine will roar like a lion, and others when it will splutter like an old hog. All as a direct result of choices you make during the game (no pressure!).

Essen is always a super exciting time – the preview release schedule for the 2022 event is chock full of hundreds of new games and ATIWA is one of the most anticipated of them all! No surprise really given its designer pedigree!

The convention is taking place over 4 days (October 6 – 9 2022), and promises to be bigger and better than ever. After a temporary hiatus over the Pandemic, publishers, designers and gamers from across the globe are coming together for sneak peeks (and hopefully taking home!) the hottest boxes around! And so, if snacking on some pretty fine German bratwurst and beer as you browse board games like ATIWA sounds like your ideal holiday, you might want to check out the Essen Spiele website here!