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Undaunted Takes To Skies In Undaunted Battle Of Britain


Osprey Games’ Undaunted series has transported us to the beaches of Normandy, the wadis of the Sahara and, by the end of the year, to the sniper nests of Stalingrad. But it’s ‘Chocks away’ for next year as we witness Britain’s finest hour in Undaunted: Battle of Britain.

For all those unfamiliar with the name, Undaunted is a series of standalone Second World War games designed by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin. It uses a unique deck-building system to orchestrate the action and act as your units’ health. Each game takes place in a particular theatre of war and can be played in either campaign or skirmish mode (with the addition of the Reinforcements expansion).

The artwork for the game box has already been revealed featuring the work of artist Roland Macdonald. He has illustrated the previous three games and remains a distinctive constant in the creative team.

How the game will be played is not revealed as yet, but it has been stated that the gameplay will be faithful to the aerodynamics of air combat, the dangers of anti-aircraft artillery and the importance of squadron cohesion – you never leave your wingman! Players will also get the chance to play as either Luftwaffe or RAF so… no arguing, chaps – take it in turns to get a crack at a Spit!

Due to the airborne nature of the battles, Battle of Britain promises to be very different from the previous games in the series, as confirmed by Senior Games Developer Anthony Howgego: “In Undaunted: Battle of Britain David and Trevor have produced a fascinating twist on the Undaunted formula that brings new challenges for veterans, whilst remaining accessible to new players, and staying true to the ethos of the series. The tactical manoeuvring and dynamism of air combat is a tricky thing to capture the feel of, and David and Trevor absolutely nailed it.”

The game will be available in Spring 2023, so if you can stay on target until then so if you can keep calm and carry on, you too can join the few. Tally ho!