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Twin It Review

Twin It Game Review

Twin It is a 2-6 player game where players are attempting to spot matching patterns on two or three cards. It is a fast-playing, light filler title from Big Potato Games that requires players to have good reactions and a keen eye. I have had a blast with Twin It, read on to find out more.


Set-up for Twin It is quick and simple. Shuffle the stack of cards and deal them to all players until no cards are left. Each player will now have a stack of cards and ready to play the game.


The rules are straightforward, as you would imagine for this type of game. On a player's turn they will flip the top card of their draw pile and place it in the middle of the table. If any player spots any matching patterns they place their hands or fingers on the two matching cards and claim it as their stack. Player continues this way until one player has five stacks. If a player makes a mistake (i.e. goes to take two matching cards that don't match) then they must discard a stack to the bottom of their draw pile.

There are a few interesting twists on Twin It that makes it unique to games like Snap. The cards don't just have numbers or symbols on them, they are a mix of funky patterns, swirls and repeating symbols with many of them looking very similar. In addition, the cards are double-sided, so each player's draw pile will have a pattern displayed which will be different to the pattern played as players flip the top card when playing it. However, if the pattern on the top of a player's draw pile matches an already played symbol, players can claim this as a stack as well.

In addition, some of the patterns are in the game three times and if a third pattern is revealed of a stack that someone else has claimed, players can steal the stack of from that player. Basically, any face-up card can be paired with any other face-up card from the middle of the table, player's draw piles and claimed stacks. This makes for a game where players are constantly searching and scanning the player area for matching cards and frantically slapping your hands down before someone else.

There is a team variant and co-operative variant to Twin It. In the team game, the basic game is the same but if one of the team members spots a pair they can only place their hand/finger on one of the matching cards. It is then up to the other team member to spot the matching card before the opposing team. In the co-operative game it is everyone against the game in a race against the clock. Basically, all the cards get spread out in the middle of the table and players have one minute to match as many pairs as they can.

Snappy Thoughts on Twin It

Twin It is a simple, fun and light-hearted reaction game. There is no hidden depth or multiple ways to victory, but that doesn't matter. The game sets out to do what it is designed to do and delivers. I have had a such a blast with this game. I have yet to try the team variant but the competitive mode is brilliant and I imagine that the team variant will be good as well. I have played this with two and six players and it scales well.

It takes around 10 minutes to play, which is perfect for a filler game or a lunch break. You can play multiple games in a row, but your mind does start to play tricks on you after the third game back to back. I was convinced I had seen a pattern but could not find it anywhere. It was probably in a previous game or on top of another players draw deck.

Twin It is a fantastic game that can be enjoyed by gamers and non-gamers alike. It is not going to be the main focus of board game meet up, but is still worth having in your collection if you are after something on the lighter side.