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Top 5 Sports Board Games

downforce danger circuit

Sport plays a big part in people’s lives, whether it be for entertainment, part of a healthy lifestyle, or meeting up with friends for a bit of healthy competition. It can be the source of inspiration for many, dreams of grandeur and achieving greatness on the worlds biggest stage. So now the biggest event in world football is underway, lets take a look at some games that delve into the world of sport, and see if they can replicate the highs and lows that come with our much-loved sporting events. I have compiled a list of 5 sports games that will bring our favourite pastimes to the table.


Engines revving at the starting grid, tyres screeching around the track, the adrenaline of crossing the line in first place, all of this on your tabletop. Downforce will see 2-6 players competing to be victorious at the races end. But crossing the line first does not necessarily mean victory. Players start the race by bidding on a car to own, cars are then moved around the track with speed cards from a player’s hand. But your cards will also move your opponent’s cars around the track. So timing is imperative to your success, players will also be making bets on who they think will win the race. At the end of the game the player with the most money will reign supreme.

Flamme Rouge

We all know the Tour de France, one of the greatest endurance sports going (even better as one of these sports games). Timing your move perfectly in order to win the greatest prize. Flamme Rouge will see you manage a team of 2 riders in the hope of finishing the race first. But its not necessarily the fastest rider that will be victorious. Each player will have a Rouleur and a Sprinteur under their control, with each having their own deck of cards that they can cycle through (sorry could not resist). You will choose which rider you want to move and draw a card from their deck. Once moved that card is removed from the game. Exhaustion cards will be issued to riders in the lead, so timing can be vital in this hand management game for 2-4 players.

Long Shot

At some point we may have had a flutter on the horses, or even watched the grand national with our bet slip in hand, encouraging our picks to cross the line. With long shot allowing up to 8 players, you and your friends can relive the excitement of being trackside. During the game players can buy horses, place bets, take advantage of special abilities and influence race movement. Dice rolls will determine which horses will be moved and how far they can go. Your game strategy can change with a single roll of the dice, so been able to adapt your plans quickly is a must. Once 3 horses have crossed the finish line, each player will add up their prize money and whoever has the most will be declared the winner. Will you commit your money on the favourite or go big on the outsider?


Mountain climbing provides many dangers, testing the climber’s strength, will and dedication to the limit. But when faced with the second highest mountain on earth, which is also known as the savage mountain, you know you are stepping into dangerous territory. Playing up to 5 players, this is one of those sports games where you are tasked with guiding your team of 2 climbers to the summit and returning them safely before the other players, or before you are lost to the mountain itself.

Each player in this sports game will have an identical deck of cards, which you will use to guide your climbers up the mountain. Your team members will have to be acclimatized to the changing weather conditions, sometimes having to set up camp while waiting for the weather to change. Planning your route will be key, with other mountaineers blocking your way and if you allow your acclimatization to reach 0 your climbers will fall foul to the elements. In this game of high interaction with hand management, a truly thematic experience awaits all you budding climbers.


It only seemed fitting to end the list with a football game. Of course, there are many games of this nature on the digital platforms. But Thomas Jansen has designed a game that will allow you to venture into the world of club ownership, and the day to day running of a team. Your sole aim is to grow your club to achieve ultimate supremacy within football. The game is played over the course of a season and will see you tasked with making decisions within the board room, from hiring staff, acquiring sponsorship, and expanding your stadium. And of course, you will also be responsible for the transfer of new players to improve your team. You will need to select your tactics to overcome your next opponent. The game can be played with up to 4 players and it also has a solo mode, which includes 6 different scenarios. So, if you have ever fancied running your own club and climbing up the football pyramid, then this could be for you.

That concludes the list of sports games and hopefully there is something here that takes your fancy or even inspires you to try something new! Let us know if you found this helpful on socials @zatugames.