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Gareth Adams

I am relatively new to the board gaming hobby but my passion for games has very quickly escalated while space in our home has massively reduced at a similar pace! I am married with 2 children and these form my gaming group. I love all types of games and enjoy playing with my wife and kids and our gaming friends in Torquay when we get the chance. Other interests of mine are football, writing reviews on board games and an annual pilgrim to UKGE is a must! I am the resident rule reader and am always up for playing a game. To think it all started with a game of carcassonne. Be warned! I may start talking about games at any time, without warning!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Blytz Board Game Review

Gareth Adams 08/06/2023

Blytz is a world-domination card game. Something many of us, I'm sure, could be good at! Expand control over continents.

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the spill

The Spill Review

Gareth Adams 19/04/2023

The Spill, it's a game all about the Offshore rig! Work together using your individual talents to avert what is known as ecological disaster!

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downforce danger circuit

Top 5 Sports Board Games

Gareth Adams 02/12/2022

Whether you're a runner or a board gamer, sports games are fun and important for the health (mentally and physically)!

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Murano: Light Masters Review

Gareth Adams 16/11/2022

Ah, the beautiful sights of Italy, Murano. A place well known for their glassmaking abilities. What better than a game just like that?

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The Hunger (1)

How To Play The Hunger

Gareth Adams 17/10/2022

A vampire race... what more do I have to say? Hunt humans and fulfil secret missions, and get back before daybreak in The Hunger!

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The Hunger

The Hunger Review

Gareth Adams 13/09/2022

Like vampires? Then The Hunger will be the game for you! A race where card deck optimization will win you victory points!

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Merchants of the Dark Cove

Merchants Of The Dark Road Review

Gareth Adams 11/08/2022

After half a year of daylight, we must now prepare for the dark season. Be brave in Merchants of the Dark Road and travel the roads...

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wonderlands war cover

Wonderland’s War Review

Gareth Adams 12/04/2022

We’re all mad here… Come down the rabbit hole and check out this Zatu review for Wonderland's War, don't miss it!

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Ticket To Ride France Cover

Ticket To Ride France Review

Gareth Adams 21/03/2022

Ticket to Ride was one of the first games that got me interested in the hobby, so let’s take a look at Ticket to Ride France!

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