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Top 5 Sims 4 Game Packs

sims 4 game packs

With the release of the latest expansion pack, Growing Together, there are now more Sims 4 game packs than ever before. Since the game is so versatile and supports many different playstyles, it can be hard for newer players to know where to start with these packs, especially since the cost of Sims dlc can really stack up. No fear though, we’ve put together a list of 5 packs we recommend if you are the kind of player who likes to focus on building and decorating houses and community lots for your sims!

#5 High School Years

This is a bit of an odd Sims 4 game packs choice, because High School Years is still a bit buggy at the best of times (although when it works it is a lot of fun!) However, it still made our list because of the beautiful build/buy items. While most of the pack is focused around high schools, with items like desks, whiteboards, and cafeteria buffets, there is also a surprising amount of useable furniture. This pack is especially useful if you want to decorate bedrooms for different family members, as it is full to bursting with items for teenagers, including floordrobes for your messy sims, and plenty of posters to hang on the walls. The pack also unlocks new community lot venues, including a high school, auditorium, and a bubble tea shop, so there’s also a lot of potential to get really creative with this one.

Our favourite build/buy items from High School Years: the ivy trellis

#4 City Living

City Living is all about the apartments, so it’s an easy must-have for anyone who wants to mix things up for their sims or just yearns for a new type of lot to build in. It’s a pretty versatile pack, and features a lot of gameplay options as an additional bonus, but what really sold it to us were the slightly grubbier appliances and furniture. This pack is ideal if you like industrial décor (especially paired with the Industrial Loft kit) or if you want more realistic play by making your sims start out in a run-down apartment where the appliances are always breaking and the walls need a lick of paint. The Sims team did also try to add in some multicultural décor and items into this pack, which is always welcome!

Our favourite build/buy item from City Living: The range of signed posters.

sims 4 game packs dream home decorator

#3 Dream Home Decorator

Next up we have a firm build/buy favourite, Dream Home Decorator. This one is excellent because it is a game pack, meaning that it comes in at a slightly lower price-point than the expansions. Again, this one usually receives a bad reputation for the gameplay, but the build/buy items make it a particularly amazing pack for those who want to build. This set is mostly contemporary, and a lot of the items are in neutral colours, which makes it great for a whole range of builds, from homes to community lots. The sofas in this pack also act like the counters, and can be tinkered with to have additional seats and corners if you’re looking to add a unique flair to your living room or you want to have enough room for your eight-sim family to chill out without needing three or four sofas. The pack also has some storage items such as boxes and open hanging rails for clothes, as well as some pretty nifty art.

Our favourite build/buy item from Dream Home Decorator: The modular sofas

#2 Cottage Living

If you’re a fan of the countryside, or of quaint, slightly old-fashioned styles, this is one of the most the perfect Sims 4 game packs for you. There is a whole host of potential fun to be found with the actual gameplay of this pack (including raising chickens, cows and llamas!) but for today we’ll stick with the building. There are so many amazing items in this pack, including a much-needed array of windows and doors, as well as some beautiful stone wall options for the outside of your homes, and even thatched roofs too. The pack really shines when it comes to kitchen clutter such as the shelves and picnic baskets, and the counters and appliances for this set all work very well together. We’ve found ourselves using a lot of the items from this pack in other styles of build as well, and the world that comes with the pack is stunning (seriously, the lot near the waterfall is a must-see) and will hopefully inspire plenty of your future projects in the game!

Our favourite build/buy item from Cottage Living: The shuttered windows

#1 Get Together

This may be a bit of a controversial one, especially since it is one of the oldest expansion packs in the Sims 4, but definitely don’t sleep on Get Together. The world that it comes with, Windenberg, is a firm favourite with many simmers, and has so much potential for builders. It also comes with the ability to create café lots, so if you fancy trying out some community lot builds, this is a great pack to invest in. Where it really stands out from the crowd of other Sims dlc though is simply the flexibility of the items. The exterior brick wallpapers and Tudor-style timber make for some stylish homes, and the windows and doors in this pack can be paired with much of the base game items and other packs without the end result looking strange or out of place. From outdoor seating to coffee-themed items and climbing ivy and flowers, this really is the one pack that I couldn’t imagine building without.

Our favourite build/buy item from Get Together: The climbing flowers