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Top 5 LEGO Modular Building Sets

Modular Buildings - Surfer Beach House

Personally, there’s nothing I find more impressive than a sprawling Lego city laid out on a table, populated with mini figures and vehicles. And modular buildings take those cities to the next level. With various designs, layouts and customisations; they allow builders to create a unique addition to their city that fits right in.

In this top 5 Lego list, we’ll be looking at some of my favourite modular building kits from different genres and themes. I’ll also be paying close attention to the customisation options and how the modular feature plays a role

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Surfer Beach House

Set number: 31118

Pieces: 564

What better way to start our list, than with a 3 in 1 modular kit. As far as modular building kits go, these are my favourite sets by a long shot. Although the surfer beach house is the main build in this kit, there are also two other options to choose from when picking a design to create. The other two options are The Lighthouse and The Pool House. Both of which are exciting additions to any Lego town.

Another thing I love about this set is the extras that are included. These include a small boat, manta ray, surfboards, turtles and a charming crab figure.

What’s especially neat with this set is that you could buy three copies of this or any of the 3 in 1 building kits and feature all three designs in your city or town. You’ll also have extra pieces left over that you can use to customise your architectural masterpiece.

Fire Brigade

Set number: 60321

Pieces: 766

If you’re looking for a cityscape set that adds a lot of character and charm to the place, then look no further. After all, every city needs emergency services and this kit provides it in style.

Packed full of extras such as a fire engine and first response car, emergency service mini figures, and a stretcher to get villagers to safety on; this kit is a great way to customise the rest of your city whilst adding a new building at the same time. It also includes a piece of road and pavement to make traveling around so much easier.

Main Street Building

Set number: 41704

Pieces: 1682

Next we have an entire streets worth of shops and apartments in the Main Street Building set from the Lego Friends series. Containing vibrant coloured bricks and even a delivery van and skate park; this is another great set to customise the rest of your city or town with.

It also fits the same scale as the other city style sets on this list, so you can rest assured that each one will fit in perfectly with one another. And talking of fitting in, the individual buildings in this set can be built in any order to bring the ultimate variation to your Main Street.

Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

Set number: 75969

Pieces: 971

Stepping away from the traditional Lego city for a moment, I would be remiss if I didn’t include one of the stunning Harry Potter Modular Hogwarts sets. And so I’ve chosen one of my favourites from the range; the Astronomy Tower.

I’ve chosen this set as it makes amazing use of all the rooms included, has a towering main section, and has multiple floors that you can separate and use in different parts of the castle. Additionally, it seems to include the largest selection of rooms in any of the Hogwarts sets. Such as; the Herbology greenhouse, potion master's classroom, astrology class, and the Ravenclaw dorm room,

There’s also heaps of extras included throughout the building, such as several mini figures and wands, letters, potion books, and even a mini hedwig!

Downtown Flower And Design Stores

Set number: 41732

Pieces: 2010

For the final modular building in this list, we’re going back to the Friends series to visit the Downtown Flower and Design stores. Once again, there’s an amazing array of colours, heights and styles in this set and they stand out perfectly as a centerpiece.

The flower shop is a traditional style building, right down to the colours and material shutter over the window. And of course, the design building is on the completely other end of the scale. Its modern design, sloped roof and fancy signs are exactly what you’d expect to find in a state of the art design store.

But that’s not all! Much like the other sets on this list, you also get a wide range of extras to customise these buildings and the rest of your city with. These include a water fountain, flowers, a colorful staircase and even a dog minifigure to keep your residents company.

So there we have it, five unique modular buildings that I believe are the best of the best. And although they’re not of the same theme, they are all must haves if you’re creating a city from that series. But then again, maybe I’ve missed your favourite, or skipped over a must buy kit. If so, be sure to let me know by using the @zatugames tag on any social media platforms.

Until next time, keep building!