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Top 5 Lego Dots Sets

lego dots

The world of Lego is a constantly changing entity, with new collections and sets being released as the genius designers create them. A brilliant example of this is the Lego Dots range, where small pieces are used to create quirky and cute pieces of art to go on cases, patches and boxes.

This range is also perfect for younger fans of lego, as there are limited instructions needed and it offers the chance for them to experiment and create their own patterns with the pieces available. With new boxes being added to the range, there’s a wide variety of patterns, colours and shapes that budding builders can play with.

In this list, I will be looking at some of the most interesting sets that are up for offer. This includes a variety of design types and themes, to show just what’s available from that range at this point in time. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Message Board

  • Set number - 41951
  • Pieces - 531

Starting the list is this amazing way of decorating the house with lego based messages. A variety of colours and shapes means that kids and adults alike can pick up a few pieces and create fun patterns in no time at all.

Another great thing about this set is that you can easily expand on it. The hook can be used on the back of any peg board and with a few more border pieces, you can make a huge notice board to go up on the wall in the hallway.

For an amazing value, you get over 500 pieces in this set, including a peg board and a wide variety of dots to place on it. If you were looking for a place to start your dot collection before buying more sets, I’d definitely recommend picking up this set before delving any further into the dots line.

Hedwig Pencil Holder

  • Set number - 41809
  • Pieces - 518

I can’t express how much I love the new ways that Lego are expanding the Harry Potter range to include young and old fans alike. This pencil holder is absolutely adorable, and would make the perfect addition to the craft table at home or at school. Not only that, but it also brings one of the most beloved characters from the Harry Potter franchise to life in lego form.

In this set, you get enough pieces to create a fairly large pencil holder container, and a small Hogwarts letter which can be adorned with your house colours. Along with heaps of dots of varying shapes and colours to decorate the plump belly of Hedwig or their fluffy wings.

I also can’t help mentioning my favourite part of this set which is the small key shaped piece remover that comes with the set. At the end of the tool is a small flat panel that can be used to pry pieces off of the model with ease. The brains at lego could have easily just included a regular piece separator; but the fact hey went out of their way to personalise the tool makes this kit so much better.

Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

  • Set number - 41957
  • Pieces - 486

When I set out to make this list, I wanted to display the wide variety of uses that these kits have; and the adhesive patches are one of those sets that blow my adult mind. Knowing the customisable options that these dots sets provide, lego have taken it one step further and placed adhesive lining on the backs of small peg boards so that kids can customise their belongings with creative designs of their own.

This set comes with five patches of varying colours and a plethora of dots to place on them. The patches are 8x8 which gives enough room to create shapes or colourful designs. Unfortunately, they’re not quite large enough to create names, however, initials could be possible if you’re clever with the space. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you from placing two patches next to each other and creating a design that flows all the way across.

I love that the dots series explores different ways for young children to get excited about the creative potential of lego. And it’s a great way to get them hooked from a young age, before they move onto larger sets when they're older.

Ultimate Party Kit

  • Set number - 41806
  • Pieces - 1154

Another area that Lego has explored is children's parties, and ways of incorporating lego kits into them. The ultimate party kit is a beautifully creative solution that makes party theme planning effortless, and provides a fun activity that everyone can get involved in.

This kit comes with over 1000 pieces, and is priced at an amazing value. Along with a ridiculous amount of dots, the kit also includes 6 bracelets, 6 cupcake cases, and 6 panels of bunting. All of which can be adorned with any design the party goers see fit, and taken home at the end of the party as a souvenir.

Not only is this an ingenuitive idea, but it also gives a really unique twist to children's parties, whether they’re big or small. It goes to show that there’s seemingly no limit to what these Lego Dots sets are capable of, and I can’t wait to see what’s in the pipeline for future sets to come.

Extra Dots Series 8

  • Set number - 41803
  • Pieces - 115

The newest addition to what has become a long line of Dots polybags. These bags offer a variety of dots that are printed with different designs relating to certain themes. Previous sets have included sports, emoji’s and hobbies; but this addition introduces Glitter and SHine into the mix.

Inside the bag you’ll find over 100 dots that feature glitter, sparkles and shine. All of which are perfect for blinging out your previous Dots creations or creating new ones! Admittedly, there’s so many more themes they could cover with this line of kits, and I would love to see them include other franchises in this series.

So there you have it, five of the best Lego Dots sets that the designers have to offer. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s incredible to see what can be achieved with a few small colourful pieces. This range offers so much creative potential, and allows young builders to decorate pencil cases and badges to show their friends.

I’d love to know what your favourite Dots set is, and whether you agree with the sets on my list. You can let us know by using the @Zatugames tag on any social media platforms. Now, it’s time for me to find out what to do with all of the Lego stubbs I have.