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Digimon Resurgence & Adventure Box 02 Preview

A Digimon set is coming soon & it will include amazing new cards as well as hard-to find reprints. This set is gonna be Siriusmon-ly amazing!

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Versus Royal Knights Digimon Preview

Digivolve and raise your Digimons to confront the Ruler of the Digital World, King Drasilin Versus Royal Knight.

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alternative Being

Alternative Being Digimon Preview

While the sun is shining, we are all warming-up for the first Digimon EX Theme set of 2023: Alternative Being!

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Parallel World Tactician

Parallel World Tactician Digimon Review

The Angel, infused by holy & demonic powers, was born as the world fell into crisis, now to crush your opponents in Parallel World Tactician.

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How To Play Digimon

In 2020, a new Digimon card game is born. Wanna know how to digivolve an unstoppable Digi-Monster and beat your opponents?

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digimon starter decks

Top Digimon Starter Decks 2023

Whether you're new to Digimon, the Card Game or a veteran in need of some good staple cards, Starter Decks are an amazing place to start.

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UlforceVeedramon Digimon Review

The UlforceVeedramon is a legendary Digimon that includes some of the most incredible speed and power that we have seen before us.

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Ancient Dragon

Ancient Dragon Digimon Card Game Review

The Ancient Dragon Digimon Card game plays super fun! This is a game I never want to not play (if that makes sense...)

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trading card games

What Trading Card Game Is For You?

There is a very big (and I mean VERY BIG) world of trading card games. With so much to explore, let's look into them a little.

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Digimon Card Game Review

Matt Capon 09/06/2021

The hottest trend of the early 2000s is back! Grab your crocs, Tamagotchis and your favourite Blink-182 album as we go back to the digital world!

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