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fangs review

Fangs Review

Seb Hawden 01/09/2021

When Fangs is flowing, people are getting the right questions to the right people and the banter is rife, it is a lot of fun!

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Tricky Druids

Tricky Druids Review

Gavin Hudson 15/09/2020

Double double toil and trouble! There is plenty of deceit in this race to brew your noxious concoctions. Read our full review of Tricky Druids here.

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Dune Review

Jim Cohen 20/05/2020

I am going to make this review very simple. If you have a gaming group of 4 or 6 then you should buy this game. It really is that simple.

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Bluffing Feature

5 Great Games for Liars

Emily Davies 12/05/2020

That card is a fly! But is it? Emily takes you through her top 5 sneaky beaky bluffing games! Do you like to fib? Then read on!

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Agatha Christie: Death on the Cards Review

Jim Marsh 18/02/2020

The premise of the game is, naturally, to discover the murderer before they escape. The twist is one of YOU is the murderer and will be secretly trying to thwart the rest.

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Sheriff of Nottingham Review

Sheriff Of Nottingham 2nd Edition Review

So hands up…. Who didn’t want to be Robin Hood as a kid?  Steal from the rich and give to the poor with awesome crossbow skills, although I was never one for the green attire myself. 

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Detective Club Review

The game is comprised of a deck of beautifully illustrated, yet quirky and surreal, cards which will be familiar to anyone who has played games like Dixit.

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Black Rose Wars Review

Thom Newton 22/01/2020

Black Rose Wars is a 2019 release from Ludus Magnus Studios. It is a 2-4 player arena combat game where players’ will race around the Black Rose Lodge hurling spells at each other.

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Mantis Falls Kickstarter Preview

Pete Douglas 13/01/2020

You feel as though you are part of a film noir gangland movie from the 1940s. Having to work together, or not, to get to the end of the road running through the town and escape to share the story of what you witnessed.

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Whitehall Mystery Review

John Hunt 30/12/2019

Detective players are pitted against a player in the role of Jack the Ripper, who will leave a trail of corpses strewn across Victorian London unless the detectives can apprehend him first.

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