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Andrew Clifton

A fundraising junkie, very proud in that since 2014 I have raised over £100,000 for Charity (Includes 5 London Marathons and setting up the dyson football marathon – the company’s most successful charitable event)

As well as boardgaming, my major intrests are football, running (Trying to), and various sports which make me have fun. My interesting/weird fact – I can click nearly every bone in my body (Useless disgusting party trick)

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Horrified Review

Andrew Clifton 13/10/2021

Having played and enjoyed Jaws by Ravensburger, it was now a must that I get my hands on Horrified and it didn't disappoint!

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Agricola Family Feature

Agricola Family Review

Andrew Clifton 16/06/2021

Agricola Family takes Uwe Rosenbergs classic and simplifies it into a family friendly game. Andrew tries his hand at farming in his review!

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Ramen Fury Packaging

Ramen Fury Review

Andrew Clifton 12/11/2020

I see Ramen Fury as a perfect filler game for both new and experienced gamers. It offers laughs aplenty which don’t go past their sell-by date!

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Zatu Giveaway Win Feature

What it’s Like to Win a Zatu Giveaway!

Andrew Clifton 18/06/2020

There's games aplenty so where do you start? Winning a Zatu giveaway is an excellent place to begin as Andrew and his family found out!

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Bandido Header

Bandido Review

Andrew Clifton 17/03/2020

Bandido from Helvetiq is a small box co-op game for 1-4 players. Work together by playing cards to stop the imprisoned Bandit escaping!

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5 Minute Dungeon Review

Andrew Clifton 10/03/2020

Grab your swords, shields, scrolls and fellow players, however leave your sanity at the door, because it’s going to get messy in the 5 minute dungeon!

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Sheriff of Nottingham Review

Sheriff Of Nottingham 2nd Edition Review

Andrew Clifton 04/02/2020

So hands up…. Who didn’t want to be Robin Hood as a kid?  Steal from the rich and give to the poor with awesome crossbow skills, although I was never one for the green attire myself. 

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