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What the gamers are saying: Colt Express

We got the board gamers of Reddit to help us out with another one of our What The Gamers Are Saying blog entry. This week we ask them to share their thoughts and opinions on Colt Express, the popular family game by Ludonaute.

Here's what the gamers of Reddit had to say about this popular game:

The Good 

irrational_design says:

"I love it. The base game is great, but the expansions really make it shine. I especially love the second expansion that allows one player to act as the Marshall. The expansions really add a lot of depth to the game. It's probably the best game I own (and I own over 100 games) where the theme doesn't feel pasted on.

"So, for me it is a very thematic game that is fun to play and can have varying levels of depth depending on what expansions (and what parts of the expansions) you play with. I also really like the app version. It's just the base game, but it is very well executed."

robotco says:

"Colt Express is a great, light, family fun game. it looks great on the table, but all the decor can also just get in the way. the theme is great, and implemented well with the mechanics. outguessing your opponents, and surprising them can feel clever and fun.

"Great game, good for my kids and can be pulled out at the pub when in the mood as well. Deserving of all the praise it gets imo."

dave633 says:

"I liked it a lot but my wife did not. I suppose programming games are not her thing."

In the Middle?

"Ah, Colt Express. The game where you devise the perfect plan, it all goes awry, but somehow you Jar Jar Binks your way to a messy victory!

"Unfortunately I believe it's a bit too chaotic to be considered a nice relaxing strategy game, like you'd expect from many Spiel Des Jahres winners. It is a great gateway game though for kids, college folk, and for those who think board games look dull. Shotgunning someone so hard they fly into the next car Kill Bill style is hard to make sound boring.

"Thematically Colt Express wonderful. Belle's ability is where she can't be targeted if someone else is in the room, obviously because you don't want to seem like a woman beater. But if she's all alone with you, you are free to wail on her like a celebrity who can get away with it because no one will care after a while.

"Thematically when you potentially pick up that game winning briefcase, it feels great for about 5 seconds. Then you immediately lose your smile, regretting your decision as everyone else suddenly joins forces to hunt you down. Its like you're the only person holding Twinkies after the zombie apocalypse."

The Bad

DraperyFalls says:

"I really struggle to enjoy programming games. It took me a long time to "get it", but I'm not sure I even like it now that I do. The mechanic is meant to emulate a very short moment in time - if you could choose your moves, one at a time, in turn order, Colt Express would be dull and pointless. But, you have to make decisions that would realistically play out with little reaction time and without knowledge of other characters' movements.

"That said, I tend to prefer programming games with shorter execution, like X-Wing or even Diplomacy. I find the long execution of Colt Express and Dragon and Flagon to feel hopeless. It is a fair argument, however, that strategically planning for the unknown IS the whole strategy.

"My group is playing through Mechs Vs Minions right now and I cannot wait to be finished. It's a fine enough game, but we have yet to lose a single mission or even really be challenged. We have two missions left, I believe.

"Colt Express was really no exception for me. I find the long form programming to be dull and I hardly feel like I deserve the bragging rights of having guessed correctly."

Interested in Colt Express?

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